Friday, October 28, 2011

Orange Peek. Oh!

Taken October 11, 2011.

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  1. Andi, we read Isaac's Storm for last night. Next month, Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I read the author's agent's blog, and she's been talking about it forever, so it'll be fun to read it. At least it's getting me reading again, something I haven't found time to do in way too long.

    Fun weekend ahead, gearing up to leave for Key West on Wednesday. A live music lover's mecca, especially since all of my musician friends will be down there. I'm gonna wear out my flip flops, hiking from gig to gig!

    But today, hair appt, lunch with a writer I just met, wine pouring, and live music with friends. Woo hoo!

    Thanks for continuing to share fall pix with us, andi, since it's the only colors I'm seeing this year.

    TGIF, y'all!

  2. Beth, I read Isaac's Storm when it first came out. I like non-fiction books that combine science, history, and people. If you liked it, you might want to consider reading Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which I highly recommend.

    Also, apologies to you and Lisa but ... yay Cards. On to game 7!

  3. Morning, gang!

    Woke to a bright shiny cold morning. Just the perfect day to stay indoors. Working on audiobook recording all day today & hoping to make a major dent in the first book.

    Got my ginger lemon tea (hot), ginormous mug o'water and I'm raring to go.

    Catch you all on the flip side!

  4. I suspect someone was drinking tea when she picked the post title. ;-)

    Andi, I'm with you pulling for the Cards. But only because Detroit got knocked out.

    Since it's the season, my #FridayFlash today is titled "Geek vs. Zombies." And now… the mimes.

  5. Simul-post! Hi Maria! Good luck with the audio.

  6. Happy Friday everyone and success in all you do today!

  7. Oh, well, HELL.

    Just got called in to work. Receptionist called in sick. Her backup is on last day of vacation. Only one there is the new girl - all of 2 weeks into the job.

    I was doing SO well on the recording!

    Le sigh.

  8. *Feral author pokes head out of hole, looks around, sees his shadow*, growls, retreats to the depths of his den*

    *indicates 6 more weeks of book*


  9. Happy Belated Birthday Jim!!!

    I would never have thought of going to a police museum. No. Never. Especially not after the brutality being shown at several Occupies.

    Big marches coming up - many in support of the young Marine who was shot with a gas cannister and it split is skull by... the police. Having lived near Oakland, it's pretty amazing to look at the videos as not one of the business windows are boarded up or broken. Just the cops being thugs.

    But like with Tahir, the military is now "suiting up" with the protesters against the cops.

    hallloooo KMc! I like the extra winter notion. Keeps me less concerned about summer wear :)

    Wet, wintry night here in Portland/Beaverton. Going to Occupy tomorrow. Taking in some of my teas for the campers. So far so good.

  10. Ginger lemon tea sounds wonderful, Maria. Bummer on being called to work.

    I wasn't, Farf, but if I was it would have been green tea.

    Howdy Dina.

    Poor Kelly. Hope you don't end up hibernating.

    Hope the weather improves right away, Janet, so that campers will just enjoy your need, rather than need it to keep warm.