Monday, October 10, 2011

No Way

Taken September 24, 2011.

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  1. Some people get a holiday today, sadly, I am not one of those lucky few. Heck, I even forgot it was a Fed holiday until I got to the mimes and the parking garage doors were shut.

    Oh well!

    I continued the cooking binge yesterday and made black bean & garbanzo chili (again in the slow cooker). Now I have lunch for the rest of the week and some prepped dinners for when I get home from NYC.

    Happy Monday, all!

  2. Is "No Way" about a male dog looking at a route marked "Cutoff"? heehee

    In & out because I'm late for work. I made some black bean veggie burritos last night, threw in some chopped fresh cilantro this time. Tasty! Taking one to work. See y'all!

  3. Nothing special today and just the way I like it.

    So looking forward to Maria's visit!

  4. That chili sounds good, Maria -- though it's the kind of thing I'd rather have when it's a lot colder (we're still in the upper 70s here).

    Farf, you are too funny (Sniff disagrees).

    Happy Nothing Special Day, Dina.

  5. "We don' need no signed trail. We need a steenken' trail," says Sniff. (quoting from Treasure of Sierra Muerto, a dogs quest for dead things to roll in.

  6. But what if I don't want to be cutoff?