Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lightly Colored

Taken October 10, 2011.

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  1. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. We went out to eat last night at one of our favorite restaurants, The Story Inn. Look familiar, maryb?

  2. Happy Happy BDay Jim!!!

    I'm feeling old. Went to the eye doc to upgrade glasses and deal with the tired squinting eyes. When I asked him if he was going to check bifocal for reading. No need, I'm giving you the highest level now. UGH. Good thing I had the hair appt to wash away the gray.

    Maria, you had a great trip. I wouldn't have thought of the Police museum but looked very interesting.

    Waves to all. Have a great Friday Eve. Go Rangers. I may be the only one rooting for em but this has been a fun Series to watch on both sides.

  3. I'm rooting for them, Lisa, and hope to watch the game tonight after book club.

    Gave up on bifocals because it was too difficult to correct my vision with them, and now wear one contact for distance while the other eye handles close-up. Weird how the brain can adjust. Hair appt tomorrow to cover MY gray. Big hugs to fellow "growing older but not up" peer! :)

    Glad you had a good birthday, Jim!

    The treadmill is calling - happy Thursday, y'all.

  4. Morning, gang!

    Jim, sounds like a lovely evening.

    Lisa, credit the sis for finding the small out-of-the-way museums. We did the Vancouver Police Museum when we were in that city, as well. They are always rather small, a bit seedy & unkempt, but rather fascinating.

    re: Bifocals - I wear progressives because of the computer, though I find that I prefer to remove my glasses when at the screen or reading. Getting old is such fun! [insert proper level of sarcasm here]

    Glad it's Fake!Friday. Going to spend actual Friday and Saturday recording audiobooks.


  5. Oh rats, I missed Jim's B-day! Happy day-old birthday, Jim!

    Lisa, funny how that works — I went in for an eye appt yesterday too! My right eye didn't change since my last check many years ago, but my left has. I just take off my glasses to read, so I'm not hassling with bifocals just yet. He said my "cup to disc ratio" was a little higher than normal — still healthy, but I've got more of a chance at glaucoma later on. Hm. Maybe I'll ask The Boy to find me some "herbal remedy" when the time comes. :-P

    Anyway, I'm getting the flexy-frame glasses so Mason will have a little harder time trashing them.

    Maria, love the new avi! Nifty pics of the trip too, I especially liked the police bikes.

  6. Love this picture which is no surprise given how much I love the fall.

    Rainy here but not too bad as chocolate covered caramel apples are on sale today.

  7. Oh ... that is gorgeous!!!

    Those colours -- they look like a painting.

  8. Lisa, I've been wearing bifocals since I was 45 and the doctor keeps threatening to go to trifocals. When that happens, I might (might, I say) give in and call myself "old". ;)

    Watcha reading for book club, Beth?

    I've always worn progressive too, Maria. I can't imagine having to look through a little defined space.

    Farf, good plan on the glasses. I went to that kind of frame last time because I seem to drop mine all the time. I'm my own Mason. ;)

    We're having one the most gorgeous falls ever here, Dina. I'll be giving you more to love for quite a few days.

    I think it's the pastel background colors that give it the painting look, Candis. I love when the light does that.