Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Stay Warm on Chilly NIghts

Taken October 1, 2011.

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  1. Dogpile! With one human in the mix!

    Highly productive weekend, writing-wise. Got 4300 words down. Not on Pickups and Pestilence, but a short that's been bugging me since I wrote the first scene in Jan. 2008. The path to the end opened up Sunday morning.

    Managed to haul off a truckload (literally) of trash too, so FAR Manor's environs are a few hundred pounds lighter. :-P

    Hope everyone had a fun and/or productive weekend too!

  2. Hola, gang! Am utterly exhuasted post-comic con. Boy, being in the midst of 90,000 people can drain a person. I did get to meet up with fellow author & friend CEMurphy plus managed to core some fun toys. Last night we ate at a fabulous churrascaria. Loads of yummy grilled meats.

    Today, we're headed to the Museum of Natural History, some light shopping (mostly toy & funky type stores) and possibly tour the NY public library. My body is already protesting!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Hi all. I am trying to recuperate from yesterday!

    Love the picture. Love it more when the cats do that with me!

    Beth, hope everything is OK and you don't have to stay too long.

  4. *PEEK*

    Hello, doing good. Being a troublemaker. Even Wayne's been marching and being up to no good.

    Not much else to say.

    My biopsy came back clear but more tests need to be done.. whatever. Had a long IEP for Wes at his program. Much to do on that. Tired on all counts. LOL

    Hold on to your hats, things are just getting started. What kind of pie is my favorite? Occu Pie!

    Take care everyone.

  5. BTW, nice Keens!

    I'm getting a new pair from work due to safety goals reached. I put it for the Voyaguers or the Palisades. Right now I'm wearing the mens voyageur. I want to get the Commuters for regular sneeks.

    I work on my feet and I end up wearing out the Keens from the inside out. Instead of outside in. Which is incredible. They'll last me two years, too. Most shoes only last 6 months and their bottoms are toast.

    It just sucks that they aren't made in the USA. They could be.... it's not like they are Wal Mart shoes for $8.88. These are expensive shoes.

  6. I'm getting a new pair from work

    ??? …ah, SHOES, dangit! Mind, don't bother meeting gutter, you're already well-acquainted.

    Work is going OK, anyway. Finished a rebranding exercise on a manual, taking the opportunity to use variables for the names in case they do it again. Having the manual in markup made this simple: a few Perl one-liners, then scan for inconsistent using. I'm not looking forward to seeing what will be needed when I move all this to Author-IT (which is why I was where I could meet Janet in the first place). *sigh*

    Mrs. Fetched buys shoes from SAS for the chicken houses. Expensive, and they *are* (supposedly) made in the US, but they're the only footgear that's both: 1) comfortable; 2) able to withstand the corrosive environment for >6 months. She says this growout is the last. I'll believe it when it happens. Then I'll go p¡$$ on them when nobody's looking.

  7. Since 2008, Farf? Now that's what I call background processing.

    Sounds like a grand time, Maria. Keep on having a great time.

    Cats, according to Sniff and Bebo do not offer the same amount of mass as dogs do so nyah, nyah. (Sorry about that, Dina. Sometimes the two of them are not polite little furballs.)

    Good news on the biopsy, Janet. As for the keens, those are my old, ratty one (still going after 4 years of pretty constant wearning). I have nice new pair for going out and about in. I love 'em.

  8. Andi - my cats will sit on my lap and legs. Good use of the mass they have.

  9. All is fine, andi, thanks. Just my aunt needing to see me. And at 82, I'm not going to argue with her.

    Long drive, but here safely. Unwinding from the drive before crashing. Three days of watching the Judge shows ahead...

    Have a good week, y'all. Will check in as I can.