Monday, October 24, 2011

Follow the Yellow Leaf Road

Taken October 12, 2011.

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  1. Around a bend ahead, a strange whirlwind lifted the leaves. Swirling and fluttering, they assumed a shape. It stood waiting for Sniff, who suddenly paused and cocked her head…

    There's a little graffiti on the VGW for y'all. Feel free to continue the story if you're inclined.

    I think Mrs. Fetched sent me in to cut up a downed hickory tree, judging from how difficult it was to cut. The splitter & saw needed a little ad hoc repair work too. But I was ultimately successful in getting a near rack's worth on the in-laws' pickup (yes it's white, but it's the chicken houses that eat your soul around here). But everything is in position for whoever tackles it today: splitter's fixed, saw's fixed & sharpened, and I've got a box in the truck where I'm tossing chips & splinters for anyone who needs 'em for their smoker.

    Happy Monday & off to the mimes!

  2. Back in the routine - It's definitely Monday!

    Glad to be home with kitty.

  3. My kind of road!

    Happy Monday.

  4. Bebo fades into the leafy trail. Oh, how I'd love to go walking through all those leaves.

  5. We've just started working on next year's wood, Farf -- I guess that makes us the ants. ;)

    Welcome back home, Maria.

    I love seeing big bunches of fallen leaves, Dina -- maybe because out here in the country with no neighbors we never have to rake 'em.

    Any time you want to show up, we're ready to go take you with us Candis.

  6. Follow follow follow follow follow the yellow leaf road....

    Pretty fall colors! I've heard there's a park south of here with colors - I might have to wander down this weekend.

    A weekend of bad football - wow. Glad Tebow pulled one out yesterday, but it still wasn't a very good game. And now the Jags are actually winning tonight - amazing. My pool is toast.

    Happy week ahead to all - starting the countdown to Key West! 9 days and counting...