Friday, October 14, 2011

Finding Fall

Taken September 29, 2011.

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  1. Guess who's up waaaaaaay too early? Sigh.

    Combination of insomnia due to travel stress and upset tummy due to bad dinner decision (ordered Pizza Hut instead of a pizza from my local place). Sigh again.

    Of the good, everything's packed and I've got the glimmer of a couple of ideas for some middle grade novels. I'll spend time this a.m. pounding out notes. I decided not to take my laptop on the trip and just take my iPad.

    Dina, see you this afternoon!!!

    Wishing everyone a great Friday.

  2. Have a great trip, Maria! Give hugs to Dina! Eat lots of cupcakes at Sweet Revenge! :)

  3. "Summer to Scotty: beam me up, my work is done here."

    Maria, what possessed you to go with Pizza the Hutt? Do you have a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad? If you do, you can get a bunch of writing done on it.

    My #FridayFlash is up, as well as the horror spotlight last night, and then back on Wednesday I opined how writing is like NASCAR. The knee getting better unleashed a blog-storm, I guess!

  4. Oh, Farf, Pizza the Hut was an evil influence. $10 promotion. Stupid, stupid me.

    Andi, I am soooo looking forward to Sweet Revenge!

    I have now repacked my bag twice - NOW I feel ready. Don't judge - it's a Virgo thing. I lightened it by several clothing items (there's a washer/dryer at the rental) and by a couple of other not completely necessary things.

    Taxi's not coming until 11 so I'm just chomping at the bit here. Sigh. I *always* get this way before a trip.

  5. I am so excited about Maria's visit, I totally forgot to post here!

    She is on the train by now and soon will be here.


  6. Am totally on the train. We just pulled out from BWI station.


  7. Real time train-and-about-to-visit blogging! Cool beans!

    Hi Farf who is not on the train. Off to read.

  8. Have fun, Maria and Dina! I'm envious of cupcakes, but NOT Pizza Hut, urgh. Enjoy the City!

    Had a stellar evening with a really good guy. Keep pinching myself that it's really happening. Enjoying it a day at a time.

    Congrats on the wee stories, Farf!

    Gorgeous fall shot, andi. Fall here today means the windows are open with a great breeze blowing thru the condo, and 79 and sunny outside.

    Off to pour wine, then back home to work. No rest for the wicked! TGIF, y'all.

  9. After many trials and tribulations, I picked up Maria. By the time I got there (there was an accident on the parkway that closed 2 lanes and produced 10 miles of traffic) it was rush hour. So we used Yelp and found a wonderful Italian restaurant.

    We are now at my house. And happy to be there.

  10. Yay, Beth, for the really good guy!

    Yay, Maria and Dina, for Italian restaurants and good friends!