Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall So Close You Can Touch It

Taken the day before fall officially started.
The last summer picture for this year.

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  1. Fall has officially started - I am cooking again! Put together a slow cooker pulled pork recipe (substituting 1/4 cup of whisky for the chicken broth). My hands smell of garlic.

    In 10 hours, it will be ready to shred into yummy bits.

    Tomorrow, I plan to do a small batch of vegetarian black bean chili to freeze so I'll have food when I return from my trip.

    Did a lot of running around yesterday:
    * car oil changed
    * grocery run to Trader Joe's
    * hair cut & color at my favorite salon (a splurge but worth it for the pampering).

    Now that food is in the crockpot, I'm planning to spend the rest of the day reading.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Maria, that sounds wonderful though bourbon would have been my choice.

    Please let me know how it comes out - I may need that recipe!

    Waves to everyone else.

  3. Good Grief, our peace bag reeks of pepper spray. I had put it away and didn't wash it or notice it. I guess that stuff stays. Glad we noticed it before the bag got rained on and it got on our hands...

    Heading downtown.

    Marathon is going on at the same time but the runners are with us.

    If you can't occupy please look at the livestreams of your city - if they know they are being watched, maybe the cops won't get all stupid and do what they're doing in SF and NY.

  4. to find the your city and support links on how to help out the actual protestors...

    1,010 cities today!

  5. 'Afternoon, all! Fall indeed, even Mrs. Fetched is helping with patio things. We have play sand for the kid's table, I'll be grilling veggie burgers over the firepit this evening, and come next paycheck we're going to put some LED marker lights out there.

    Knee is much better today, not 100% but I can do things.

    Be careful out there, Janet! Looks like Atlanta's occupation is in Woodruff Park… I probably won't be able to get down there but I'll check out the livestream if there is one.

  6. Any recipe that involves hands smelling like garlic, Maria, has to be a good one. :)

    Waves back to Dina.

    I can't even get cable here because of the lack of people, Janet, so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to round up a crew to Occupy Brown County ... but my thoughts are with all who are participating.

    Dinner sounds yummy, Farf. Hope it turned out well.

  7. Dinner sounded yummy, Maria - now I'm hungry! I stopped at the Greek Festival for spanikopita and dolmades and baklava. We have a nor'easter walloping us, so 30+ mph winds made eating outside dicey, but I managed. :)

    Just hung the last picture. I'm officially unpacked. WOO HOO! Hopefully the TIki Gods smile on me, and I don't move again for a long time - except maybe across town, closer to the beach. But no more big moves...I'm getting too old for this stuff.

    Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Now I have to work for a bit...