Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Below Above

Taken September 17, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Janet, we'll all be thinking good thoughts about you (and even your "doggy bags") ... plus plenty of virtual hugs and hand-holding.

  2. Hugs going out to all who need them.

    Furniture arrived last night - I'll be spending the day unpacking the truck with my cousin. Then starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll be unpacking boxes. Nesting should be complete by Sunday, just in time for football.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful week -

  3. Oooh, another lovely impressionist camera painting! Love it, Andi. :)

    Janet, sending you loads & loads of good thoughts.

    Beth, have fun unpacking. It's actually one of my favorite things to do.

    Today, we have SUN! Can't get any better - cool temps and no rain.

    T minus 10+ days and counting until I get to see Dina and the sights & tastes of NYC (the link is to a counter that my sis set up).

    In 2 days is my follow up with the lung doc. Hoping I'll get some meds out of him and begin my road back to energy.

    TTFN & happy Tuesday!

  4. Hugs to Janet - hope the news is good.

    Beth, may the the unpacking go quickly with nothing in pieces.

    Maria, I love the countdown! Can't wait to see you.

    Waves to all.

  5. Uh-oh, now I'm going to have "Come Sail Away" stuck in my head today.

    Janet, here's hoping the concern turns out to be no concern. And I'm trying to imagine how the "doggy bag" thing works. Ew ew ew.

    Beth, have fun with the unpacking. I envy neither you nor your cousin.

    Maria, Dina, hope you guys have lots of fun together!

    The oldest sister-in-law (the sort of sane one, because she doesn't live close by) brought Big V up to the B&N on my exit last night so I could take her home. Saved her an hour getting home anyway. They got stuck in traffic, which gave me the opportunity to wander this complex — they're gunning for a Disneyfied version of an "old towne" shopping experience, but nearly everything's a big chain and the "streets" are all parking lots. I did find the Mac store (Peachmac, an independent) that just opened though… a good 15 miles closer to home.

  6. Crap, I almost forgot again. Would you guys call White Pickups an urban fantasy? Or is it something else?

  7. Andi, your sky isn't in HD :)

    Thanks for the huggles. Was kinda emotional about the biopsy - hell the colonoscopy part was bad enough, because just last year my died from colon cancer that turned into pancreatic cancer. But mostly I'm just tired of not being in control of my body.

    Farf, um "doggy bag" was my cute term of renaming "stool sample" EW.

    As to White Pickups.... when I was explaining to Wayne who you were, I said you were about to publish an apocolyptic style novel. "When shit goes wrong; whatta ya do?" :)

    Maria, hope you and Dina paint the town. Or jump into the middle of Occupy and protest your brains out :)

    Hey, where's KMc, Nancy and Jen been? Do we need to sharpie their mugs onto milk cartons?

    Took the day off (mental day) as I figured I'd be a bit wigged out or tired or just plain old "pooped out". LOL And I'm finding I'm still a bit schlurry from the sedation. But I can finally take my arthritis medicines again which is good because the weather got cold and man was I feeling the old lady pains again.

    Is it too early for a lemon drop? :)

  8. Oh Farf, speaking of old town... As Wayne and I drove back from Rama Thai, we felt bad that you didn't get to see our part of B'ton. The nig, roomy streets, the set up of the actual neighborhoods. What you mostly saw was urban sprawl and chain malls. I live in the SW part of Bton/Portland. Much more vibe going on. But then dwon the road is the Washington Square Mall. Its' odd my 'hood. It's like "Leave it to Beaver" hood but just a few miles from EVERYTHING. City and Farms. Murrayhill is the best neighborhood. Excpet all these damn mega baptist churches and the mormon churches.

    We have too many "strip malls" here. Which is crazy because we have so many Mom and Pops as well as local chains. I don't get why people feel they need 6 Home Depots and I think 7 Costcos all within 10 miles of each other. Insane. And yet we have these incredible locally owned hardware stores.

    Our next big, luxury type purchase is going to be an cold water aquarium. I could go to some PetSmart... but we're going to go to a local place. Better for the economy. And my PEACE of mind. Oh and I really am excited about the electric cars coming up!!! We'll keep the Honda but Wayne rides his bike more than I drive. So we're perfect for a "No War Needed" car. Don't even get Wayne started on how better off the nation would be if just half of the cars disappeared. His brother works just a few blocks from his work... and he still drives and pays for parking... El Stupido! on so many levels.

  9. Heehee, Janet, I was thinking maybe the sample couldn't hit the water.

    I'd love an electric car, but it would have to have a 100+ mile cruising range under "worst case" conditions: i.e. winter. Cold weather makes batteries more sluggish, less willing to give up their electrons, plus the driver's running a heater and (likely) headlights. But even more important than my extreme needs is that the materials required for the batteries involve some seriously nasty mining practices.

    The Boy has maybe the rightest idea of all: turns out that Manitowoc WI (at least his neighborhood) is walkable. If I were in Wayne's brother's position, you bet I'd be walking to work.

    Mrs. Fetched is also talking about an aquarium again. The kids loved watching the fish when they were little, and Mason gravitates to fish tanks wherever he is too.

  10. We love Shubunkin goldfish. I'm hoping we can get one this xmas. I dunno as we also want to rip out the stupid carpeting that they put in the livingroom. Beautiful cherry hardwood floors throughout except the livingroom. Dumb! Don't get me started on how polluting carpets are LOL... but I'd want the fish tank in the LR. But know that cleaning and upkeep sometimes gets a bit wet. Now I have to come up with a theme for it. Might just try to create a Cannon Beack look to it.

    Friend has a cool tank. It looks like a busy street intersection. Compete with stop lights and cabs and foodcarts.

    You can even take one of Andi's photos and put it up on the glass as a backdrop.

  11. I've always wanted a "river tank" ever since I first saw one. Or maybe a miniature koi pond. Koi are like dogs with gills; every time they see you they think you're going to give them something to eat & they come right up to you… wagging their tails, even. ;-)

  12. Shubunkin are the same way. Think mini-koi. They watch you more than you watch them :)

    Koi ponds are a pain in the butt. It takes a lot of work. If you have trees in your yard, it's a full-time job to keep the pond clean. then you have to deal with predators... racoons etc thinking it's a buffet.

    We didn't buy a house here because it had a koi pond. A new one, just put in to give it curb appeal. The real estate agent even said, only if the koi pond has been there for YEARS and YEARS should you even look at a place with one. I'd LOVE to have one but I can't afford it - time or upkeep. So we go to the Japanese Gardens and look at theirs :)

  13. Yay for for furniture, Beth. Happy unpacking.

    10+ days until you get to go to Sweet Revenge, Maria. :)

    And Dina, too.

    Hope your earworm has gone away by now, Farf.

    Janet, when you get an aquarium, you can take great pictures of it like Knucklehead.

  14. Alive and wishing you the best, Janet. So swamped at the moment though, that I only realized an hour ago that I haven't opened any of my blog bookmarks in days.

    A little behind on the book, plus editorial letter came in on Friday, plus film festival panel I was going to be on went a bit explody and now I'm running the thing and scrambling like mad to make it work. Add in house stuff and a spouse with a cold and I'm just hoping I can hold my breath long enough to get back to treading water.