Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bare and Green

Jumping ahead with these shots taken the 16th which show the strange state of the woods right now* -- those trees that aren't mostly bare are mostly green.
* but going back in time to earlier after this as I have lots of fall color to show
Click images to see larger versions


  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Dina, chacun à son furball. :)

    Glad to you had a safe trip, Beth. And I'm sure your aunt is glad that you are such a good niece.

  2. I am up WAY too early. Woke up at 5, laid in bed for 45 minutes before admitting I was done sleeping. So I'm eating a bowl of cereal & getting some coffee before getting to work a little early for a change.

    I've posted the first episode of my new serial. Maybe by the time it's done, I'll have White Pickups available and will be serializing Pickups and Pestilence shortly thereafter…

    Waveses and hugses all around!