Thursday, October 13, 2011

Against the Storm

First Christian Church, designed by Eliel Saarinen.
Taken September 24, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Beth, I'd say take it easy but it doesn't sound like that's an option so instead ... so keep on keeping on.

  2. Morning Gang!!
    Can't get life to slow down either.
    RAIN we've had wonderful RAIN.
    When I got to Cherokee the creek was bone dry. Saturday/Sunday close to ten inches of rain and the creek was a roaring. Good to see water in the fields again. The critters have been parched.

    Fun trip to NYC, Maria. When updated website premiers hopefully next week, you will be my premier Extraordinary Author.

    Beth, Work, Play, A Date. Life is good.

    Farf, Mason is a lucky fellow being introduced to Mexican food. Now you've flung a craving on me.

    Dina, how fun to be looking forward to Maria's visit. It's the little things that get us through the days.

    Jim, how's this retirement thing treating you? Hope the honey-do list is manageable and you get to ride some before the weather turns too frosty.

    Andi, Loved the fungi earlier. Wonderful color and texture. Clouds today are so appreciated after months of heat bleached sky down here.

    Go Rangers and Cards.

    A great Thursday, winking at Friday.

  3. I took it easy for 1/2 hour last night, andi. :) And once my date starts tonight, there will be lots of relaxing. But otherwise, it's what I do - keep on keeping on. Thanks!

    Rain, Lisa?? That's great!!! I'm so glad the gods are finally giving Texas a good long drink. I hope everything turns green again soon. And good luck with the website!

    Waving at everyone else - back to the happy insanity that's my life these days. Big hugs!

  4. Looks like we're about to get some more rain too. A gorgeous weekend looms, so that's all good!

    Subbed two drabbles (100-word stories) to the inaugural issue of a horror ezine. Got word last night that she's running them both, and one of them is in the #2 slot. Not bad for never having written a drabble before. :-) I've found that leaving three blank lines on a Moleskine page gets the first draft close enough to 100 words that it's not hard to edit…

    C'mon, Tigers… I remember the '68 World Series, when they were down 3-1 and pulled it out, hoping history repeats!

    Beth, happy insanity? Uh-oh, I know who FAR Manor's next denizen will be! :D

    So Happy It's Thursday!

  5. Good Thursday to all. Lisa, glad that you have the rain. We may get some but hopefully not too much.

    Beth, enjoy the play date and PLAY!

    Farf, congratulations on the drabbles.

  6. Nifty pic!!! All broody & gloomy. :)

    Hi, gang! Got Kit off to the vet for boarding this a.m. - was going to do it tonight/in the morning, but I'm still not packed. For a Virgo, that's tantamount to OMG MISSING THE TRAIN. I'm totally freaked out about not being done.

    Got home last night, ate dinner (a yummy Thai noodle salad from Trader Joe's) and passed out in the chair. D'oh.

    Tonight: packing and then tomorrow, the cab picks me up at 11 and I'm on my way to Dina's. Whee!