Monday, September 5, 2011

We've Looked at Labor from Both Sides Now

Happy Unlaboring Day to all who get the day off.
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  1. And happy belated birthday to Maria.

    And -- just to be self-centered -- happy 40th anniversary to Jim and me.

  2. All kinds of celebrations! Happy belated to Maria, too, and 40th? I'm always so impressed by long anniversaries like that. You two figured it out early, and continue to do it right. Happiest of anniversaries to you both!!

    Off to spend the day with a college girlfriend and her kids by the pool. And if Tropical Storm Lee doesn't allow us the pool time, we'll go to Plan B.

    Have a relaxing day, y'all. Just like those pups!!

  3. Happy Anniversary you two! Enjoy the day.

    Happy Birthday Maria.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Andi & Jim!!

    Trip was fun, but draining. So very hot in Dallas. I'll have some pics later on once I get the energy to download them.

    Being back home is a good thing. I'm spending the day relaxing.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Anniversary to Jim and Andi!

    Beth, here's hoping Lee leaves you alone.

    Maria, welcome back. I am about half way through Blood Sacrifice and loving it.

    Waves to everyone and enjoy Labor Day!

  6. Happy Bday to Marria!
    Happy 40th to the Acres!

    Anyone know if Lisa is near the fires? It appears the the entire state of Texas is basically on fire. I guess those prayer circles didn't work out too well. Worst drought in 150 years. Starving cattle, worst wildfires in recorded history.

    My friend lives out in College Station.

    Hope firefighters from all over the nation can help and that our federal dollars from our 'big govt' can help all the Texans who are hurting, displaced and scared. Regardless of their notions about global warming.

    We have 3 fires here in Oregon.

    Wouldn't know it if you turned on the news though. I had to find out due to the smoke factor and google it. Just another reason why we won't need TV. But I've got to find a good radio station.

    Laying low today because this week is all in the 90's. Hottest September here in many years. And the smoke is starting to get to me a bit.

  7. Happy Anniversary to the Fs, and Happy B-day to Maria! Looks like a dog's life in the photos, though…

    Got home from Mom's a few hours ago, rained pretty much all the way. Fun. Had a pretty good weekend though. The van's alternator started the process of puking a bearing on I-40 this afternoon (more fun), but it got us home. We bought a new alternator, but they tucked the st00p1d thing up next to the engine firewall, so I'm going to let a mechanic put it on.

    Got some rain from Lee, little else so far. A 'nader did some damage in Canton, but the storm that was aimed at us fizzled before it got close.

    Back to the mimes tomorrow, then next week it's off to the timeshare for a week. The heavy rain cooled us off a lot here, but we'll be back to normal later this week.

    Writing, then bed… see y'all tomorrow!

  8. Hi all. Jim and I had a lovely anniversary. Even the weather gods gave us a gift -- the temperature dropped from a high of 100 on Saturday to a high of 65 today and we had an inch and a quarter of rain yesterday.