Monday, September 26, 2011

A Way into the Dark

Taken September 20, 2011.

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  1. All I can think of is:


    It's a gray, dreary Monday and I am still coughing like a fiend. Stopped by store on the way into work for cough drops & more meds.

    I slept a lot this weekend, but still feel rather tired. Oh well.

    Janet, congrats on the new media center!! Sounds awesome.

    Wishing you all a good Monday.

  2. Morning all! Just waiting for the babysitter to get here so I can head to the mimes. In a light rain that barely qualifies as something more than mist.

    Maria, I've found that Bacardi 141 makes an excellent cough suppressant. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Janet, sounds like quite the honkin' big display there! We have a 36" Samsung that I wall-mounted (well above the reach of toddler fingers). I'm not sure I'd have tried wall-mounting a 52-incher if the bracket didn't tie to two studs. We have an AppleTV, which sounds like it does a lot of the same things as Roku, but I mostly use it to stream ambient music when I'm trying to get Mason to sleep. When The Boy had a Netflix sub, we used that a lot too.

    Jim/Wayne, I have road tires on my mountain bike but I kept the aggressive dirt-tread tires in case I have a mind to go off-road. They'd probably work pretty well in snow, but two wheels on ice is an almost certain wipeout unless you're very skilled or very lucky.

    Yesterday morning, I had a "download from God" that gave me the outlines of the endgame for Pickups and Pestilence — I'd been adding little unconnected bits and pieces to the story all along, and now I understand why they're there, and how they tie together. Only 150,000 words in before getting a clear view to the ending, eh? Pantsing at its finest. I'm estimating another 30,000 words and I'll have the story down. The new info gave me the opportunity to include the time-honored rejoinder, "That's what she said" without it involving a double-entendre. :-P

    Off to the mimes. Haven't seen cubicle sweet cubicle in like two weeks!

  3. Glad it's all coming together for you, Farf. Soon, we'll be seeing Pickups at Sundance. :) Wayne's already talking about how we need to "plan better" for when friends come into town. I'm so glad he enjoyed meeting you, too.

    Wayne's a very skilled biker. He doesn't do off road or mtn biking. He rides a Trek 7.3 FX. He uses Kevlar tires with some type of really cool innertubes. With tons of lights. He rides more than I drive. He's way past 4,000 mikes on it from Aug-Aug.

    Today is my bro's first day on the job. Not once has he mentioned how he'll get there. Nor did he wash his clothes like I reminded him all yesterday. ARGH.

    Maria I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. I'm trying to get through this work week. Got my instructions and food/no food directions. By Friday I'll pretty much be on liquid diet. Taking Mon and Tues off next week. Then I'll just worry about getting some eyeglasses. Right? :)

    Wow HD is so coooooooooooool. I could really be couch potato with this tv.

  4. Happy Monday!

    Janet, hope you enjoy your media center - it sounds wonderful! And HD is awesome.

    Farf - good on the download.

    Maria, sending good health vibes.

    Just lazing here, enjoying the view.

  5. Una Mas you Authors

    Happy Banned Book Week!

    Go out and buy one :)

    Something I've always felt strongly about is that if there's a book that someone doesn't want you to read.... that's the book to go read.

    I actually read "Lolita" only because some parents were trying to get it banned from my High School library. Horrid book. Bad writing. Bad subject. Just Ew. But... banning is much worse. However, I have read some incredible books that have been banned and challenged. Most were kid books. Blume, Dahl etc etc.

  6. Heyo all,

    Dr.McC and I found some time to sneak off from writing and get our anniversary pictures taken on Sunday. The goes on the wall pic is nice, but some of the playing around with cool stuff pics are really nice. My favorites: Dryad, Troll Bridge, Dryad and Troll.

  7. Oh, that's a lovely photo Andi. The darkness and the light on the dogs. Makes me want to climb into the frame and head off with you, Sniff and Bebo on your outing.

  8. Busy day so just got around to realizing I hadn't been by here today. Hope everybody had a good Monday.

    Hope you are recovered soon, Maria.

    Congrats on that "download", Farf.

    Buying a banned book is great idea, Janet.

    A happy almost Tuesday to you, Dina.

    Love the pics, Kelly, especially the Troll Bridge.

    Candis, Bebo and Sniff say you are invited to join them any time.

  9. Happy Anniversary, Kelly and Dr. Mc! I love the last one. VERY good shots!!