Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post


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Lost in Space
Aimee Mann

Lost in space above all drifting
To a place where planets shifting
The moon erased, it's features lifting
The glare

But I am the stuff of happy endings
Though mostly bluff, belief suspending
But close enough for just pretending
To care

And I'm pretending to care
When I'm not even there
Gone but I don't know where

Well she's the faith and I'm the devil
Who keeps the pace and clears the rubble
And lost in space, fills up the bubble
With air

By just pretending to care
Like I'm not even there
Gone but I don't know where

It split like a cell
And man cannot tell
The lie from parallel

So baby beware
I'm just pretending to care
Like I'm not even there
Gone but I don't know where
Gone but I don't know where
Gone but I don't know where


  1. Kind of a half-baked set of lyrics here. Way back when The Boy had that gig down in Atlanta, one of the other guitarists broke a string during the second song & they all stood around while he made a repair. I suggested they needed a song they could play three-handed to fill the time if it happened again… maybe something about a broken string. It started pingponging around in my head yesterday, but I was first too busy then too tired to write anything down.

    (in four, ~120bpm)

    A hot summer day at the big lake park
    We were gonna party 'til half past dark
    Betsy on the beach with her new string bikini
    She was big and proud, and that top was teeny

    We were playin' volleyball, there in the sand
    That went better than anyone planned!
    Betsy went to serve, she gave a little hop —
    And everybody heard that pop!

    There was jumpin' and hollerin' and a great big cheer
    And all the guys spilled their beer,
    Everybody all around the lake,
    Heard that bikini string break!

    (there's more, of course, but I haven't written it down.)

    Waves and unbroken strings to all who follow!

  2. I love Aimee Mann (Coming Home)

    Okay Farf, we've got to plan! :) I'll be around today.

    Jim sounds like a fantastic ride. So when are you going to start sprouting? :)

    I took the small but big step for me and I applied for college. I'm taking "Credits" but my major is "Undeclared" and I'm "Undecided" on everything else. :) Getting my transcripts from Skagit and Yuba. Whew!

  3. I can't wait to sit down with Farf over a meal and/or drinks and just talk and share. I promise I'm not some serial killah. :) Or maybe I am. Muhahaha.

    Actually Farf, many Froggy People and DailyKos People and tons and tons of my San Jose Sharks people have survived meeting me.

    I made the mistake that come on and admit it people we all do. I went online and looked up symptons for why a person's doctor would order a colonoscopy. Preface: I've been through a ton of pain lately. Just am now getting the right meds for arthritis in my sternum which I only now realized how freaking painful it was since most of the pain is gone now. You don't realize how much pain there is till it's removed. But then you notice the other pains you've been able to ingore because of other pains.

    Gallbladder was toxic and had stones. That explained alot of pains I had trumped up to "TFO Syndrome" Tired, Fat, Old" I'm now listening to my body more during this medical leave which ends tomorrow and I'll probably need to reopen my FEMLA. What I thought and probably just is recovering frm surgery or a painful hernia, could also be symptons fo colon issues. I can't even type the word.

    Something that should have been met with my pervy sense of humor actually scared me. Wayne and I haven't been able to have "ess eee exxx" for some time due to the pain before surgery and then the pain afterwards. He came home from the funeral and yeah... we acted like married people. LOL

    Normally men don't say or notice when a woman changes in weight. It's just not a good thing to mention as it never workds out for them. They are damned if they do. I always ask, but he's smart enough to be able to avoid it. So when he said what he said and in the manner he said it... it was a huge compliment that then made we more scared.

    Without going into too much detail he said: "Wow, I can really tell that you've lost at least 15 to 20 pounds. Not 5 or a few, but at least 15, Janet"

    I should be happy. But I'm not. I wish Oct 3 would be here NOW.

    Maybe this weight loss is because I"m getting healthier and no longer toxic and can move more from arthritis meds although I feel worse with ab pain and bowell issues.

    I didn't want what I read about colonoscopy stuff to make so much sense abotu what is happening to me. The gastro people were really interested in that my mom just passed away from it and that two of her siblings have it.

    So, my husband feels I've lost enough weight to actually gasp tell me in bed while I'm nekkid... and I can't even be happy about it. At least not yet.

    I love you guys. I'm sorry I'm rambling.

  4. Hey Janet — I left you a msg on your answering machine with my cell # & incoming flight info. I may or may not be around to answer my phone this afternoon; as soon as Mason wakes up (should be soon, he had a LONG nap) I'll be doing fencing repairs.

  5. Farf, I called and left a msg just now for you. Sorry, I was out helping my brother leave his apt. I didn't lift a thing, just made use of my car.

    So I'm home. And will be here to stay the rest of the day. I'm transforming into "Laundry Goddess" which is usually followed up by Hagula. :)