Friday, September 23, 2011

Spot Color

Taken September 9, 2011.

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  1. From yesterday: aren't we lucky when blog buddies become RL friends, Farf/Janet? A big hug to all of you, both ones I've met in person and ones I WILL meet someday! Glad you had a good visit!

    TGIF! Working at the wine store this afternoon. Otherwise working, and tweaking my synopsis to send to the agent who requested it on Saturday - eep! Gotta get it finished!

    So off and running - happy fall!

  2. Farf & Janet - glad you all had a great time last night!

    Safe travels, Farf!

    I'm parched & hungry, but can't have any food/drink before bronchoscopy. Just at the 'puter faffing about until my friend gets here at 9ish to take me to the hospital center. Then it's a flurry of paperwork and waiting. Evidently, the test will take about 45 minutes, then 1 hr of post-procedure observation, then I can go home.

    I expect to be back at home around noonish or so.

    The sad part is that there won't be anything conclusive today, since they still have to review the biopsy and such. Bah.

    Can you tell I'm a bit stressed? I'm really not good with all this medical stuff. Perhaps its from being healthy-as-a-horse type until about 5-6 years ago. Just never really experienced this.

    So desu...I am trying to be as zen as possible today.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

  3. Safe travels and safe procedures all.

    Here's hoping that there is good at the end of both.

    Happy Friday.

  4. *GROAN* Mrs. Fetched dragged me out of bed before 6am this morning. Personal 24-hr tech support, that's me.

    Alaska Air puddle-jump to Seattle, an hour layover, then the long-haul back to ATL. It's gonna be a long day. Maybe I'll nap on the plane or something.

    Beth, best o' luck with the agent!

    Maria, hope it's quick & painless. And nothing to report at the end of it all.

    Thanks, Dina. Time to get some breakfast, I guess…

  5. We are lucky, Beth. Jim and I would be even luckier if you'd stop by again. :)

    Hope this comment finds you recovered and fed, Maria.

    A very good hope, Dina.

    Wishing you a safe journey and no airport hassles, Farf.

  6. I'm home.

    Procedure was fairly quick but not so painless. The twilight anesthesia kept me aware & awake through the whole thing. I didn't lose track of anything.

    My lungs/trachea feel as if they've been rubbed raw with a wire scrub brush.

    Doc's assessment: 99% sure it's sarcoid, but must officially wait for the pathology results.

    I'm really exhausted now.

  7. (((Maria)))), I'm so sorry you're going through all this nasty medical crap. I wish I could help or say something.

    Last night was a really nice time. We stood out in the parking lot afterwards for an hour just chatting... but in person. :) Was a good meal but the people were fantastic. We both enjoyed meeting "farf" and talking with him.

    Next time, and there will be one I'm sure, we'll take some time off and take Farf to Cannon Beach and make some beachside margies.

    I'm so glad we got a chance to finally hook up. I just wish my health was a bit better and that I had time off. I knew I couldn't waltz into work the first week on after 2 months off and ask for "time off" LOL

    Ahhhh Friday and all my errands are completed.

    Okay so whose next to come to Portland? :)

  8. Hugs to Maria! Hopefully it is the first step in feeling better.

    Janet, I wish I were coming to Portland. I love it there.

  9. I wish you were, too. :)

  10. Poor Maria. I hope your kitty has been snuggling up to you to make you feel better.

    Portland is a great city -- everybody should go there and visit Janet.