Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slow Fade

Taken September 9, 2011.

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  1. Nothing slow about this morning!

    Got to the mimes, ordered breakfast from the deli downstairs and jumped right in to writing job posting for interns & figuring out how to get the posting to area colleges/univ.

    Turns out, there's a central system! I love the Internet!!!

    This bodes well for the rest of my Fake!Friday. :)

    Hope everyone else has a successful day.

  2. Hey all! Do you guys remember the variegated leaves on the redbud that I posted last fall? It's doing it again. Soooo coooool.

    Maria, hope your Fake!Friday goes well as boded. ;-)

    The meetup got canceled last night. Janet got as far as the hotel with her brother, then Wes called as we were getting ready to leave. Turned out the Make a Wish game was that evening, not Friday as Janet had been told all week, and Wes was upset. But we're still on for tonight!

    Had the work computer lockup last night while writing… fortunately, I only lost two paragraphs or so, but it did kind of put the damper on my flow. Meh. It'll all by in my Dropbox when I get home though!

  3. Posting from the comfort of my now wired, yet still empty, condo. Furniture is still 12 days out. But nice to be in my own (albeit kinda echoey) place again.

    Enjoy the meet-up, Farf and Janet!

    Hope Thursday is fruitful and stressless for everyone out there - back to work. If a headless chicken crosses your path, it's prolly me!

  4. Planet Georgia, meet Planet Autism.

    (((Farf))) I am so sorry! Yes tonight is on.

    Wes got to the game in the ta da nick of time. Traffic was a mess. So even just getting home to stop the complete meltdown was hard. My brother took him to the game via the train which stops right at the park. Conall's dad waited at the gate for them. He got to see the Make A Wish tribute to Connall "your wish is granted". They all got tons of Portland Timbers schwag. Shirts, scarves, balls, jerseys and huge smiles. Conall got a jersey and one of the players gave him the jersey off his back. "It even has all his sweat!" :)

    Wes missed the limo ride to the game but he got to ride back in the tour bus with his friends.

    It's just one of those things that remind me that I have no control. None. LOL. Here I thought I could have a normal "let's get together after work for a drink" with a friend and BANG. My brother shows up at work needing a ride. Traffic becomes a parking lot. And my kid is at home in destruction mode.

    farf, I'm sorry I dropped so many F bombs and shizzle fits. My brother told me of how bad my language got. But I guess I freaked out, too. I felt so bad on so many levels. Poor Danni was at home trying to deal with it all and the phone calls that were coming in from the soccer people.

    I'm looking forward to tonight. Due to hectic stuff, I'll call you today with the deets.

    Thank you for understanding. Some weeks, some days it's just like rding a bull.

  5. yahoo mail is being a butthead. I need to get ready to deal with social security for Wes and then work. So excuse me while I send another note to farf.

    Farf, can we meet you at the place? I'll run home and pick up Wayne. At 7:45.

    Here's the address:
    Rama Thai
    12874 SW Canyon Rd
    Beaverton, OR 97005

    It looks like a complete dive from the outside. Truly. But it's an award winning Thai diner. A well kept secret, too.

    The owner's name is Oy. If you get there ahead of us just tell her that you're there to see Wayne and Janet.

    Everyone, I hope your day is nice and Mellloooowwwwwwww. Unlike any of mine.

  6. I love this leaf Andi, so glad you posted it! It looks like you (or forest fairies) painted it green and gold. ;-) So many treasures in your woods.

    Enjoy your meet-up Janet and Farf.

    Hellos to everyone else.

  7. I was wondering why I hadn't heard from anyone today - it helps to post oneself.

    Here's hoping that the meeting happens today - Thai food - I wish I could join you!

    Glad to hear that you all made it to the game, Janet.

    Happy Thursday.

  8. Nice to know that stinky ole Internet is good for something, Maria. ;)

    Farf, this time of year is an interesting time for leaves photography, isn't it. Sorry about last night. Have fun tonight.

    Happy not exactly settled in but better than not settled at all, Beth.

    Sound like a great time was had -- sweaty shirts and all, Janet.

    Candis -- see comment to Farf above. :D

    I'm with you on Thai food, Dina. Maybe someday we'll all figure out a way to have a meet-up and hold it at a Thai restaurant.

  9. Thai food! I'm in! My favorite!! :)

  10. Crap! my comment got eated!

    7:45 is fine, Janet. I've consulted the Map of the Almighty Google (who said guys never ask for directions?) so I know where to go.

    Mrs. Fetched is almost set up with own meltdown... it helps to grab the *hard drive* instead of the USB hub.

  11. Farf! Whoot! See ya there. If we're a few mins late, as D/ Adams said, "Don't Panic!" Which is something you clearly saw me do LOL

    I hate this ergo correct work keyboard....


  12. Oh, BTW Janet, the F-bombs etc. were no problem on this end. Sounds like they were warranted. You should have heard my internal narrative this afternoon with Mrs. Fetched on the phone. I only got off the phone because my battery was two gasps from dead, but it sounds like we might have things under control on both sides of the continent now.

    Doin' a little writin' and waiting for the hour to arrive!

  13. Just spent a thoroughly awesome evening with Janet & Wayne. The Internet is a wonderful thing — you end up having friends waiting for you in places you've never been before.