Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rain Leaves

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  1. Fall. Fall. Fall. Fall. YAY!

    Temps are still fabulous, though gray skies are back.

    Everyone is sick @ the mimes.

    My bronchoscopy is Friday and I'm stressing about it. I don't like invasive tests, even though I will be drugged.

    Is this week over yet?

  2. Tell me about it Maria. However I want the week to be a bit longer so I can spend more time with Farf.

    Farf! It's going to be SUNNY this week instead of icky rain :) Just for you. I'll email you later, but Wayne and I would love to hook up with you Thursday after 7 is that okay? D-town Beaverton at a place called Rama Thai. We can either pick you up or meet you there. It's great food and we'r enot bringing the kids. Whoot.

    Thanks Kelly! I'll have to watch that later. I have to skidaddle.

    Consult with the gastro internist person. I went to work yesterday and man oh man was I tired out but it was great seeing everyone again. But my stomach literally felt like I had eaten play-doh. But it could be so many different things than what I keep coming back to.

    Gotta to be in Ptown at 7:15am and then I have a 1230 - 830 pm shift. EW! I never work that late anymore. Going to be a LONG day.

    PS I want my brother to move out already. ACK.

  3. A jet-lagged good morning to you all! I did get about 7 hours of sleep, which has been pretty typical for me lately, so I'll be good. My wake-up call is coming in 10 minutes. :-P

    Maria, yuck on the bronchoscopy. I'd think with advances in ultrasound, they could get a pretty good idea of what's going on without invasive techniques like that.

    Janet, I brought way more long-sleeved shirts than the revised forecast would call for! At least I didn't feel driven to snag a jacket from the Columbia kiosk in the airport. Dinner Thursday sounds lovely — I'll take a pick-up since I don't know my way around. I wish I knew where your workplace was, I'd have gone there instead of Safeway to grab some beer (there's a little fridge in my room). But the cashier was really nice, swiped a store card for me when I told her I was from across country, and said she hoped I'd get to sample the chow (me too).

    I know that whole "relatives in my space" song. :D

    Time for the 2nd coffee, then answer the wake-up call, then see if the front desk will give me a comb.

  4. Hi everyone. Had a great time at Bouchercon but I am behind on everything so sending good thoughts where needed, congratulations as appropriate and hi to everyone else.

  5. Drive-by hi! Life has ramped up into full insane mode. Not sure whether I'm coming or going or coming or...

    Busy working, cleaning new condo (furniture arrives in 2 weeks, so I'll be condo-camping til then - as soon as they fix the A/C!), writing songs, meeting new friends - did I say working?

    And a couple of agents have shown interest in my latest book, so have to write a synopsis and then wait for them to respond.

    So life is good! If I could just find a few extra hours to sleep...

    Enjoy your visit, Janet/Farf! Waving madly to all others - and good luck with the procedure, Maria. The anticipation is prolly worse than the actual event...

  6. Just to play the Glad Game, Maria -- at least there isn't a prep for it like there is for a colonoscopy.

    I'm having a lot of fun, Janet, imagining you and Farf together. Portland my never be the same. :)

    Are you downtown, Farf? If so early morning walks along Wilamette River are really nice.

    Glad you had a good time, Dina.

    Beth, happy new home to you. May you find everything right where you thought you packed them.

  7. Andi, I'm in Beaverton rather than downtown. A standard suburban office/retail district, but with some local flavor. There's several restaurants within walking distance, along with the overprice chow in the hotel. I need to look up the meal allowances again, can't remember what I'm allowed…

  8. Passing through on my way to passing out. Early morning tomorrow with county board meetings, bleah. Hope everyone's night is filled with wonderful dreams.