Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pied Beauty

Taken August 31, 2011.

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  1. :;yawns:: Morning, gang!

    Got the usual kitty climbing all over me wakeup this a.m. Figured I'd get up and get a head start but then I remembered that the only outside thing I have to do is pick up a prescription from CVS...and the pharmacy doesn't open until 9.

    Oh well.

    Janet - hang in there, hon. Sending you loads of virtual hugs. The colonoscopy is VERY easy--it's the prep that's annoying. IMHO, docs jump to omg, colonoscopy whenever the digestive system is involved in anything.

    Same thing happened to me some years ago - I was freaking out. Turns out that it was nothing at all. Probably just irritable bowel syndrome--which, translated to normal people speak: my tummy gets wonky if I'm under stress. Well, duh. That's why I'd gone to the doc in the first place!

    Hoping to get some actual recording done today. My attempt yesterday was foiled by the beginnings of a cold. Coughing every few minutes is not conducive to audio recording.

    Plan to pick up some OTC cough syrup at CVS to alleviate.

    Happy Saturday!!!

  2. That's what our sky looked like pretty much all day yesterday. I mowed the lawn and pulled up a stand of blackberry vines that were a) blocking convenient access to a dog pen; b) had tiny little berries anyway. Trimmed up out back a little too. Other stuff happened, which would be long enough to be its own blog post at my place so I'll expound there. Big V-related. 'Nuff said.

    Janet, I'll call you when it isn't 5:48 at your place.

    Maria, instead of a kitty wake-up call, it was Mason bellowing "GRAMMOM! GRANDAD!" for us. Hope your voice gets into recording trim this morning!

  3. Today was a great day for a bike ride. It was crisp and cool at the start and warmed up nicely as the day progressed. There must have been 1500 of us on the roads around Hope, IN today.

    I am a disorganized bike rider. I usually start at a point with a rough idea of how far I want to ride and compose the ride as I pedal along. The Hope Ride is the only organized ride I do each year. It's nice to have someone else planning the route, fixing the goodies to snack on, and letting all the residents know cyclists will be invading their roads.

    I always carry a camera in my bike bag, but I was enjoying the ride so much I didn't take any pictures of the fine aerial display on the ride. A plane was sowing winter wheat over several unharvested soybean fields. The route by luck took us around all four sides of this precision flying. On the last leg of our route the pilot flew over me and started his drop. The road and I were sprinkled with the seeds, that had they found more promising beds, would be next year's cakes and breads.

  4. Hi Maria and Farf. Happy weekend.