Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pawpaw Pause

Taken August 15, 2011.

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  1. The pause that refreshes...

    Taking a pause out of my normal work schedule for 4 days. Off in about 2 hrs to the airport and DFW. Going to try to catch up to a high school buddy of mine tonight after dinner. She lives fairly near my sis. That will be fun!

    Last night's author talk was a blast! Got to see an old friend of mine and meet some new folks.

    Happy early weekend, all!

  2. Good morning to everyone. I hope you are all doing well through the hurricanes, funerals, carnival-ride career changes, sudden arrival of fully grown family members, post-surgical complications and general joys of everyday life, WOOHOO.

    Jim, I've been thinking about you as the school buses start to hit my local roads full force. How are you doing? Discombobulated, I assume, but I hope otherwise finding lovely new pleasures, or at least more time for old ones.

    I have been seeing new doctors and have another new doctor to see this month (same old chronic health crapola) and that puts me in a weird disconnected stressed out place that I do not like at all, so I have been keeping to myself, as is my way. Other than that, ::whispers so the universe will not hear me:: we've managed to get our last boycat de-sperminated so hopefully we are now finished with the kitten phase of things, at least for this lifetime, because I love them like whoa but omg enough already with the socialization work. I have no idea how you people with actual children (let alone those of you raising a second batch) retain any aspect of your sanity whatsoever, and fwiw, if I ran the world, you would all get some kind of considerable monetary award.

  3. Hi, all. Maria, have a great time. Jen, feel better. I agree with you about children!

    Happy whatever.

  4. Ooo, a hike. Sounds lovely.

    Safe travel, Maria! Don't let the TSA get *too* personal on your Famous Author self. :-D In my world, every single one of 'em is tooling around in a pickup.

    Jen, hi! Good to see you back. Maybe the new doc will come up with something that will alleviate your condition… keep hoping, right? As for raising a second batch, I'll take any monetary award you can shake out of the system, but reality here is stranger than fiction and Mason's my sanity anchor (even if he cuts into my writing time).

    Hi Dina!

    As usual, my Wed. writing post ended up on Thursday, although it was really just after midnight on Thursday. One of the other #FridayFlash people posted an erotic piece, got some blowback, and wrote about that. I expanded on that.

    Off to lunch — Mrs. Fetched was at the chicken houses last night, supervising the relocation of the residents. They're all Good Chickens by now, but Mrs. F is sleepy and hungry so we're going to lunch.

  5. I know what's wrong with me. I don't get to read enough of Jen's amazing writing. I swear to dawg, Jen, your writing is simply incredible.

    Spent yesterday at the Social Security Admin with Wes. He's trying to obtain disability - as part of his program all the kids need it. We were technically denied so then on to phase two of it. But as you know the Republicans are trying to do away with the disabled on so many levels... He'll get disability but oh man the paperwork.

    Few more weeks till Farf is here! better read this“full-rip-nine”-in-store

    before you come to the PNW :)

  6. Hallooo to all, and to all good...I dunno, kite? Deeply deeply frazzled at the moment. Book is going all right, though slower than I'd like, but family stuff (not the new relatives, they're lovely) and academic politics are trying to kill me.

    Good luck to them what needs it, bon voyage to the travelers, and hugs for the rest. Going to go smack my head against a hard surface now.

  7. (((KMc)))) I'm sorry you're so frustrated right now. Sounds like a Marmotini wouldn't even help.

  8. Hope you had a good flight, Maria, and will have a fine visit. Yay for the good talk.

    Howdy Jen, maker of kittens into cats. May the new doctors be an improvement over the old doctors. Too bad they aren't like doctor who where the new doctor is the old doctor, except not quite.

    Happy whatever (no hurricanes today?) to you, Dina.

    Farf, I have images of a chicken relocation effort and it isn't pretty -- feathers and squawks and seed and dirt and chicken poop flying everywhere. I hope I've just got an overactive imagination.

    Oh bureaucracy ... sorry you have to put up with it, Janet.

    Wishing deep unfrazzlement for you, Kelly.