Friday, September 30, 2011

Look This Way

Taken September 12, 2011.

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  1. I keep seeing a fossilized dagger.

    Off to the mimes with me!

  2. "Is this a dagger which I see before me?"

    Not miming, but up far too early following insomniaville. Alas, I have no choice, as I'm off to rheumatologist in a bit.

    Weather's cleared, huzzah! Tomorrow is SinC presentation on social media, then (hopefully!) a lovely stroll at Art on the Avenue which is here in my neighborhood. All will depend on my energy level.

    Happy Friday, all!

  3. Love the picture!

    Maria, good luck with the doctor and with the energy level.

    Happy Friday to everyone.

  4. Twig Bath!

    Today's our 22nd AnnyVersarie. I'm going to learn how to make incredible Lemon Drops (where the lollipop rim isn't just a garnish but part of the drink experience). All fresh ingredients! Going to get 10 oz martini glasses. Who knows, I might make Marmotinis with em one day :)

    Put up an action alert diary on DK yesterday about Portlanders saying NO to War criminal Condi Rice. Portland State University (a fairly liberal school) is paying Rice to speak and to SELL her bloody book. $250 to 500 to hear her. And $5,000 to get your picture taken with her.

    I'll get my photo with her for free. >:) I'll be infilitrating this one.

    Also we're having an Occupy Portland on the 6th to show support for the Wall Street Protestors. This could be a pivotol revolution step.

  5. Wayne had his first nasty bike crash meltdown yesterday. Shaken but not stirred.

    It happened in downtown Portland on Salmon. A car was stupid and charged down the 2 lane, one way street and used the far right lane to make a, you guessed it, a left turn. Causing Wayne to "ride it down". His tire caught an old train track that had been paved over. He went down but fortunately his entire weight landed on his hip. The impact was "softened" by his cell phone. His bike and equipment came out of the crash just fine. Nothing broken or lost. A very nice delivery truck dude was there to see that he was okay and if he needed help... and to say "Wow! What a crash! I can't believe you're okay". The car driver? They took off.

    As Wayne was trying to get home after a long ride from Beaverton to the Portland Airport (45 miles roundtrip - cool bike store near the PDX airport) and a nasty crash, his journey was not over.

    A bee flew down his bike jersey and stung him.

    So feeling very disgruntled, rejected and downright cursed, he rode to the Lucky Lab in North PDX and had a few beers, ate and calmed his hardcore cyclist nerves.

    He doesn't bruise for some strange reason. It takes a lot to get him black and blue. But he's a bit sore and slightly grouchy. But as the Subway commercials used to say, "He's okay!". And still thinks biking is THE way to go.

    Stupid bees.

    Sharks HD TV hockey was just what the Dr. No ordered for him last night.

    Have a noncrashful Friday!

  6. Hi Farf, Maria, Dina, and Janet (pats and fluffs to poor Wayne).

    I'm off to Indy for a end-of-Rosh-Hashanah dinner with my mom and some other family.

    Happy weekend all.

  7. Heh, I saw that first as Rosanne Rosanne Adanna! :)

  8. Well considering what conversations are like with my mom, that's pretty appropriate because as she is sure to tell me "It's always something".

    Okay really going this time.