Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Light of Summer

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  1. I'm starting to see hints of yellow among the green here too. "Early fall" is what they're saying, but it seems like it's right on schedule.

    Finished a tedious but needed formatting pass over both White Pickups books last night. Mime'ing at home today, so I'll more or less be around.

    Still need to get a pic of Mason & Dutch for Janet…

  2. It's definitely fall here. The rain keeps on 'falling' ::g::

    Perfect day for snuggling in bed with kitty, yet, I'm @ the mimes. Oh well. Must earn a living, after all.

    At least it's Wednesday?

  3. This summer has had very little light and a whole lot of rain.

    Maria, hope you get to snuggle soon.

    Farf, I love an early fall or late one for that matter. I just love fall.

  4. Wednesday is "Senior Day". Wanna see "Entitlement Attitude" just hang out with me on this day. "Did you get my discount?!" "I want my discount!" and my favorite point and grunt at the 10% off sign on my register. I think I hear a "thank you" 1 out of 80 transactions.

    Farf, did he like it? I wanted to get him the praying mantis hand puppet but it seemed a bit "skeery". So I went with the fluffy Dutch bunny. Has he eaten the VitaRocks yet? Like Pop Rocks but with vitamins. My kids really gave "Dutch" a good lookin' over. I LOVE giving kids prezzies that aren't made by other kids. How barbarian is it to give a child a gift that was made by another child? I don't think we Americans really think about that. Wal Mart's "Live Cheaply, Live Better" crap requires no critical thought.

    My absolute favorite gift to kids however is BOOKS. But I didn't have time to run to Powells so Dutch came from MY store :)

    Maria, take care hon. Is there anything you can do for relief like ice cream or sorbettos? Hot tea? A fluffy Dutch bunny? :)

    I love the Fall!!!! Baking season. Witchipoo time. The cooler weather means more energy on my part. Heat makes me a Slothzilla. Have a good "give me my discount!" day. :)

  5. Pretty pretty pretty pictures, andi! Hard to remember it's fall elsewhere. 90 today.

    Send some of your rain this way, and I'll wave the sunshine north!

    Hot date tomorrow night with a great guy!! Woo hoo!

    Happy Hump Day, y'all.

  6. Waves to all, while passing through! Just got back from a week on Guernsey (GB island in the Channel Islands, just off France!) Lovely place and fabulous weather.

  7. Since I have a big mouth ... ;D



  8. Farf, we've gone well beyond hints of yellow now -- the young maples, poplars, and sassafras are all turning yellow, orange, and red. A lot of the gums have already gone red and dropped most of their leaves.

    Hope you're home and well into snuggling by now, Maria.

    Dina, ours was a lot of light, a lot of heat, and almost no rain. It didn't rain the entire month of July and just a bit in August.

    I'm with you on heat, Janet. If the temps never got above 75, I'd love it.

    Woo hoo indeed, Beth. Hope it's a great time.

    Nicky, that sounds fantastic. Very jealous (but glad you stopped by to make me so).

    Well Big Mouth, I won't have to feel bad about blabbing yours next April 20th. :P

  9. Happy Bellybutton Day, Andi!!!!!

  10. well, heck - blogger ate my big ol' Happy Birthday, Andi!!

    So, I'll say it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  11. Thanks to you too, Maria.

    Well Candis we'll see how big that smile is when next year I go over to your blog and viciously wish you a happy birthday. ;)

  12. Hippo Birdie, Andi!

    Janet, thanks for the anniversary wishes.