Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a Touch

Taken August 14, 2011.

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  1. Oh I like that touch of pink.

    Gonna be a hot one here today anf I'm supposed to go to the greek festival and then a bycycling race. Hope there is lots of shade. But I'm not complaining. Love a three day weekend!

    waves to everyone.

  2. Morning Gang!!

    Maria is in my state. I feel the uplift in spirit. Hoping she has a great visit with sis and family.

    Beth on the water with friends and music. All is right with the world. Querying--WooHoo.

    Farf, I'm with Andi envisioning that chicken relocation. Sounds like situation normal at Planet Georgia.

    Kelly and Jen, sending positive, soothing energy to you both. With a three day weekend, I have a bit to spare.

    Survived week two at school just fine. Still a fairly small group of kiddos so we're easing into the year. Having fun planning our pilot project. Have our computer cart, but still waiting on the 15 new laptops.

    My online class is WONDERFUL. Boy is it fun to work with people that want to learn. I have 28 students after having a goal of 20. WOOHOO. Two Aussies, one from New Zealand, one from Canada, one from Chile, and from all over the US. So an International group be us. They are working hard on their assignments and so much fun to interact with.

    Hubby is down at Cherokee having a testosterone weekend. So daughter and I will have a quiet weekend around the house. With the dogs and cats and lizard.

    Jim, hope you are able to get out on your bike frequently and are loving the free spirit life of no bells and papers to grade.

    Andi, your pics always lift my spirits when I flash by. I'll try to leave a word or two more often.

    A great weekend to all.
    Waves to all that follow.

  3. Stay cool, Maryb!

    Hey Lisa - nice to see you here, whenever you have time. And yep, being in FL does feel right - at least most of the time. :) And congrats on the online students - that's great!!

    From yesterday, thanks to Farf and Kelly for the support. I don't know why I drift away from writing, when I enjoy it so much. The query/rejection cycle, not quite so enjoyable. Fingers and toes crossed I find the backbone to keep at it.

    Speaking of queries...better get back at it. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!!

  4. Thanks for the sympathies, folks, they're much appreciated.

  5. Happy Saturday, people. Nothing like a lazy weekend ahead.

    Sending good vibes, support and anything else needed.

  6. Gave Danni a brief driving lesson up our road yesterday. I am not a driving instructor apparently. It was kinda funny in a 3 Stooges sort of way.

    Labor Day Weekend. Go show some support for the Unions, Teachers, Fire Fighters and the Laborers. If the Republicans had their way, we'd all be working for peanuts, 80 hr weeks, working alongside our children and in horrible conditions. No weekends and definitely no holidays or 3 day weekend. Go thank a Union Member.

    Today is Wes' 19th Omg.

  7. Hey all!

    Safely at Mom's place in NC. Mason's doing his darndest to not nap out. Just a matter of time.

    Had a little fun with my Friday Flash. The stroller route I take with Mason runs along an old cemetery, old enough to have some Civil War vets buried there (those are noted by the little Confederate flags stuck next to the headstones). I got to wondering how loyalty to one's home could get turned into treason against their country, and the story nearly wrote itself. Love when that happens.

    Can't hang out long, I'll be missed soon, but hope everyone has a good relaxing and/or fun Labor Day weekend!

  8. Greek food sounds good, Mary, hot weather not so much -- we hit 100 here. Ugh.

    Great news on the online class, Lisa. Enjoy the quiet weekend.

    Hope you left some time to enjoy yourself in between working on the queries, Beth.

    And wishing you a frazzle free weekend, Kelly.

    Hi Dina. Happy lazy days.

    And union organizers, too, Janet.

    Enjoy your weekend, Farf, and I'll go enjoy the Friday Flash.