Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's My Blog

and I'll post my zillionth lake reflection photo if I want to.
Taken August 25, 2011.

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  1. <3s Andi's impressionist photos!!

    Today should be interesting:
    * I left my card key @ home so had to wait outside the office door for 15 minutes until someone showed up
    * Our receptionist is out all day on a NYC trip (along w/the CEO & CEO's mom - they're going to a concert in Central Park?)
    * which means that getting in and out of the office main door today will be annoying

    Of the good, the lovely cold front is moving in today and tomorrow's highs will be in the 50s!! I'm so excited!

    Beth, our Nancy posted a very interesting blog today on Lipstick Chronicles about the concept of "home". Food for thought!

    It's T minus 29 days until my NY trip and I'm so not ready. Money is put aside, but mentally, I'm still in hermit mode. I'm sure my mood will change closer in...and after my bronchoscopy.

    In any case, happy Thursday to all!

  2. Thanks for the blog alert, Maria. I just adore NancyP. I've read every single one of her books. But I got to know her first through a political blog. Her Homelessness article was "WOW"!

  3. Hey all! Lake reflections are welcome, especially since I'm now back at the manor. Mrs. Fetched swears up and down that we won't have the chicken houses next year and thus won't have our week truncated like this. Hey, at least I have wifi now…

    Yeah, Janet nailed it: buddleia. My favorite buggy visitor here is sphinx moths. They're an aggressively invasive plant here too. I laugh when I see them being offered for sale at $15 each.

    Maria, I'm only somewhat ready (mentally) for my trip Monday. If it were another week away… oh well.

  4. That was a great post by Nancy, Maria. Thanks for linking to it.

    Howdy, Janet. We got to know a lot of great people at that political blog, didn't we.

    Farf, I'm glad I could give you some reflection on your return home. ;)