Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In the Pink

Taken August 14, 2011.

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  1. Honeybee!

    Mom's sedums were getting swarmed by honeybees while I was there for the long weekend. She said they were pretty colorful a couple weeks back, but now they're seriously faded. Not stopping the pollinators.

    Not much more to say because I'm last out-first in this time. Mason was up most of the night, probably because of enforced inactivity during the van ride. Oh well, off to the mimes.

  2. Pinkness!

    Sorry about your lack of sleef Farf. I didn't sleep well either last night. Heat and I kept thinking about Wes and his going back to his class TODAY. Bumblebee of nerves. "Will he make his bus connections home?" "Will he freak out?" "Will someone be mean to him?"...

    His "love of his life" is playing at the Garden tonight, Taylor Swift. We tried to get tickets the 2nd day and they had no seats together. Now they do and the cheapest nosebleeds are $145 a piece then the next range $1,500 to 1,800 a piece. No freaking way. He's bummed but that's reality and nobody is worth that price. It's ridiculous how much concert tickets go for nowadays and the shows are only about 50 mins long with several custome changes. Insane. But his heart is broken.

    Just a few more weeks and I'll be able to have a sit down with Farf, where he won't be chasing after Mason or anyone and he can just relax. Whoot!

  3. Sleef? I think I got lots of "sleef" last night actually LOL. Sometimes I'm even asleef on my feet at work. :)

  4. Oops, I'm really sleefy, I used my hockey chat nick name.

    First day of school craziness and multi-tasking. :D

  5. Hope everyone gets caught up on sleep and sleef tonight.

    Rainy here today. We do not need more water. Wish I could send it to Texas.

  6. Lots of sleef last night - exhausted from the trip.

    I've posted the photos I took with the Nikon. More will go up later (from iPhone & iPad).

    Raining & cool today plus bonus!doctor visit - the lung specialist at 2:00. Whee?

    Traffic was horrendous since it's 1st day back to school for Alexandria. Glad my commute is so short.

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. The bees are running out of things to pollinate here, Farf. Fall is in the air.

    Wow, Janet, those prices are horrifying. It's really hard to believe someone would pay $145, let alone $1800. Eek.

    Some people could try peels, Dina -- peels being sleep where put your head where you normally put your feet. :)

    Lots of interesting photos, Maria. I really like the sculpture that looked like some Greek ruin -- the balanced ball was an interesting touch.

  8. Andi, I should ask McCain if I can pick those miracle heads of lettuce for $50 an hour :) Then I, too, can have 9 mansions and be a triple dipper in "entitlements".

    I love the photos of the lazabouts from yesterday. Land Otters: Doggie Style.

    First day of school went a okay for the Wesmeister! Whew!

  9. Yay for Wes' excellent, a-okay, very good day.