Monday, September 19, 2011

I Can See Forever

but all I need to see is that squirrel in that tree over there.
Taken September 7, 2011.

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  1. Morning Gang!!

    Swimming to the surface of life for a breath.

    Maria, cats do love to assert their morning power. Ugh about not so good sales for book. I know something new and more wonderful awaits.

    Beth, hope the new digs suit you, but not going to believe for a minute you won't go wandering again. Glad work has kicked in again.

    Farf, sounds like situation GA normal.

    Jim, go glad you get plenty of riding time.

    Andi, I have missed your pics of late, but will visit more often.

    Waves to Dina, Janet, Kelly, and all that follow.

  2. Hi Lisa. I've missed you. I hope you can come by more often. Hope the writing and schooling is going well.

  3. Yello!! Dog on a log (in a bog?)

    Hi Lisa — yup, same chaos different day.

    In about two hours, I'm heading to the airport and then will be leavin' on a jet plane. Janet & I had a nice chat last night (while I was on yet another errand) & we'll meet up a little later this week!

    OK, off to whatever.

  4. Morning, gang!

    The cold won this weekend so I spent most of it cuddled up with kitty on my recliner. The weather was marvelous - was able to keep the windows open all weekend and air out the place.

    Mimes are a bit nuts today - a number of staff are out sick. Whee?

    Farf - safe trip!

    Lisa, glad to see you!

    ::runs back to the work stuff::

  5. Farf, the weather forecast changed overnight. We're going to have highs in the 80s after today. Should be lovely weather.

    Will be seeing you after these next two hairyeyeball days I have going on. :)

    Back to the mimes for me for now.

  6. Hugs for Janet (((Janet))). Sorry you're having so much stress right now. Here's a link to the movie trailer: It's being done by a couple of local friends of mine that I know through the University.

  7. No bog, Farf. Hope you had an easy flight.

    Cuddling with kitty sounds like a pretty good way to stay warm, Maria -- how low will have to get for it to be a 3-kitty night?

    Did you order up that nice-sounding weather just for Farf, Janet?

    Hallooo to you, Kelly.

  8. I have arrived! I missed my turn to the hotel, which was actually a Good Thing because I drove by the office. So at least I'll know where to drag my jet-lagged @$$ in the morning!