Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Taken September 6, 2011.

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  1. Beautimous picture!

    Went in to the mimes @ 7 to make up for some lost time yesterday. Sinus migraine won and I went home at 2:30. Bah. Turns out, sarcoidosis can cause sinusitis - which is fascinating. Hoping that after Friday's procedure, I can get that final diagnosis and get *treated*.

    Today, Facebook is upping my cranky to 11. They changed the news feed to display by "most important" instead of reverse chronological order. Really? The only algorithm they seem to be using is # of comments. So a post from 8 hrs ago may float to the top. Sigh.

    I will probably start using Google+ more - though they do the same ridiculous display on their feed, too.

    Why is a simple reverse chronological order something that needs fixing? From a web professionals POV, this was a stupid move on Facebook's part without much usability testing (if any).

    ::is grumpy::

    Must get back to the work...

  2. Hi all. Maria, I hope that the day improves and I agree about reverse chrono order. It should be a given

  3. Red sky in the morning, sailors be warning.

  4. Right there with you Maria. Facebook just kicked itself really hard in the teeth. I'm going to be using it a whole lot less until they fix that, and if they don't it will probably end up like my myspace account, not deleted, but completely inactive. Stupid stupid move and it makes me very grumpy.

  5. Hey Farf, I get off work at 5pm today. Want to meet up for a drink? I'll call you after work. I'll have to call the house to get the number LOL

    Tomorrow, we' can sit and eat. But I'd love to see you. I feel bad you've been here all this time and I haven't been able to see you.

  6. Yee-haw, meetup's about to happen! That gave me an excuse to not drive all the way to the coast to watch the sunset, and the concomitant waste of gas.

    Sleepitude drove me to bed at 10, then woke up at 4 this morning. Went back to sleep, woke up at 7:40. OH $#¡+!!! I said and dashed to work w/o opening the laptop or stopping for breakfast. But I made it, and they brought in a nice substantial lunch.

    Just waiting on Janet now…

  7. I guess that shows that Facebook is a big, mainstream company now, Maria -- they're doing their best to piss off their customers.

    Howdy, Dina.

    Kelly, if stupid moves make you grumpy, I strongly suggest you avoid reading anything about the U.S. Congress.

    I hope this comment won't be read by you two, Janet and Farf, because you are with each other.