Friday, September 16, 2011

The Blooming End

Taken September 2, 2011.

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  1. The day is going to explode, so wanted to chime in early. Thanks for the link to NP's blog yesterday, Maria - you're right, very interesting for homeless me. But not really homeless, and sad and scary to think about all of the people who are. :(

    Me, I'm just rootless.

    Hope everyone has a stellar weekend. I found a condo, my cousin is going to drive my stuff cross-country, and work has exploded. I can't decide whether I'm coming or going. But I AM off to Tampa to spend the weekend with good friends from the place I will always call home, Coeur d'Alene.

    Peace, y'all.

  2. Good Morning Andi, Beth & Everyone to come!!

    I LOVE the cool fall morning when I wake up in the dark, watch dawn and have the house to myself for an hour or two.

    Looking at your photos is almost like a real vacation, Andi! Thank you so much for sharing them.

  3. A beautiful fall morning to you all!! It's 55F, with an expected high of 67F. GORGEOUS!!!

    Beth, glad you saw the post. I wasn't thinking of you as "homeless" as someone who can't have a home, but more as a wanderer - the one who takes her home with her in her heart. :)

    Kit woke me up with the paw on my face thing, plaintive meow included. I could cheerfully have slept another hour or so, enjoying the coolth. Silly kitty.

    Doing more audio recording today, hoping to get a ton more chapters in. It's so bloody time-consuming!

    Happy Friday!

  4. The blooming end to another vacation?

    Beth, from back here, "exploding" sounds like "all my problems are solved — winter quarters located, furniture on the way, and I'm working again." Enjoy Tampa & your friends!

    KB, hey there! Up at dawn, though? Yuck! Hee hee.

    Maria, hope the recording goes well. Maybe Kit won't start batting at the mike or meowing at you while you're trying to work. ;-)

    Off to mow the lawn. Daughter Dearest is here & Mason is doing the "give you the hairy eyeball for twenty minutes then won't let go" thing.

  5. Cold in the house this morning which means three cats climbed on top of me as soon as Laura left for school. Purring cats weighing down the blankets put me back to sleep for 2-1/2 hours. Still a little blurry.

    Saw an interesting teaser trailer for a local short film, post apocalyptic near future SF. Fun stuff.

    Today's menu includes, writing, workout, running with stolen dogs, and seekrit project.

    Hope everyone else is having good busy.

  6. Whenever I think of Tampa, Beth, a specific image comes to mind: I'm parked on the Clearwater side of the causeway and I'm watching a huge storm move relentlessly up the bay.

    KB!!! How are you doing? When I saw Nancy (in Yellow Springs) in July, she said you hadn't been feeling well. I hope you are doing much, much better.

    Afternoon, Maria. It hasn't even hit 55 yet here. BTW, I'm listening to Tina Fey do Bossypants -- author-red books are the best. :)

    Blooming end to things blooming here, Farf, but you take it however you want.

    Ooh seekrits projects and stolen pudderfrogs. Love them teaser commnets, Kelly.

  7. I was right. There was something "not right" after my surgery. I have an umbilical hernia. But first they want me to see a gastro dude and have a colonoscopy since my ct scan. Ew! Before they go in and do oh very more surgery for the hernia. I hope my job continues to be there for me... I'm getting worried, folks.

    She pushed on my tummy and I couldn't believe how much it hurt. They wanted to send me home with painkiillers but the pain only lasts 5 - 1- 20 mins a few times a day. So I said, Nyet. Boy, I can't wait till this stuff is over. But man it does hurt now something weirdlike since the appt. I'm almost feeling like a wussbut.

    KMc, I had a pootiepuss in my face all week since Wayne's been gone. I didn't realize how much of a cat crosswalk he was in the am till he's not there. Dylan is HUGE and when he walks over ya... you can't ignore it.

    So what I want to know is what is the dystopian film's name you saw the trailer of??

    Andi, are those delphiniums?

    Farf, give me a holler. I'm waiting for Wayne to call me from Philly (Flyers Suck!) by the next hour and then I'll have the phone scott free.

    Hello Maria
    Hola TumbleWeedBeth :)

  8. Janet, they're lobelia. Ugh, on the hernia and all the prep work for dealing with it. Thinking good thoughts about your health, your hubby, and your job.

    Errata: that's author-read, not author-red.

  9. Wayne's flying home tonight. He bought a Glen Livet neat and a bowl of clams and fries at the Philly airport = $35.00

    roll me over. :)

    Andi, when my surgeon's Nurse/assistant spoke with me she said "blah blah blah Colonoscopy blah blah blah blah to rule out colon cancer blah blah blah just to check blah blah (ala Charlie Brown's Adult voice overs)

    I tried really hard to not let the tears roll. Not because I'm a worry wart or a hypochondriac. Because all I could then think about my was mom. So I told her. She said something about we should definitely get my ab pain checked out. I drove home kinda in a fog. But you know me, I bounce back. Cause my ass is like rubbah! :)

  10. You feel like crying, you really should. But hugs and gladness that Wayne is on his way home.

    BTW, a colonoscopy doesn't take long and they know right away if there are any problems.