Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Basin, Range, & Plateau in One Step

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Footprints on the Moon
by Molly Grace

If you reach for the stars
Then brace yourself
To fall back to earth
But hold on to your goals
And remember, fine dreamer, that
There are footprints on the moon.


  1. Nice poem and goes well with the picture!

    Happy birthday, Maria. Hope you are having a great day.

    Waves to everyone.

  2. Photo and poem reminds me of the movie we saw. We watched "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" last night. We were laughing our collective asses off. It's a classic and it's good but the "science" behind it and what the lone guy did to survive was just too funny.

    Found a new pub to go to. Right off the Fanno Creek Trail/Biketrail (just like our old pub) and it's locally owned, non-chain aka non-slaves and uses local produce, and local beef that is not corn fed or given those nasty growth hormones. Yay!

    Got get vittles for the week and school lunch materials. Also have to get notebooks and pen packs. Almost done.

    Wes had a very nice birthday. :)