Friday, September 9, 2011

Barely Seen Beginning

Taken August 22, 2011.

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  1. Having not had my coffee yet, I'm like that picture. At least it looks better than me.

    I wrote up a rather creepy #FridayFlash last night. I need to stop looking for inspiration in graveyards, I think. Especially when I come across a child's grave with a small hole dug in the middle. There's a pic to go with the story.

    Anyway, looks like a motorcycle kind of day out there, and a week's vacation when I get through the day!

  2. Behind the gorgeous fog, a host of possibility...

    Morning, gang! I am choosing to make this day productive and forward-looking.

    Starting on the audio recordings today. My gear is all set up and soon as I finish brekkie, I'll begin. Hoping to power through a ton of chapters to see how many I can do in one sitting.

    In other news, flooded streets are flooded. It's a heck of a mess out there and I'm so glad I'm home today. Feds are on unscheduled leave; schools are closed in Fairfax County; some major streets are closed in parts. And yet, we expect even more rain today.

    I really wish that Mother Nature were a bit more balanced around here.

    On that note, back to brekkie then audio. TTFN!!

  3. Andi, always glad to make you proud!:)

    Love today's picture. I am very happy to say that it doesn't not resemble the weather here today. We have a bright yellow thingie in the sky (as one friend suggested maybe a meteorite!) and my towels are actually drying.

    Farf, that grave sounds like inspiration for a nice, scary story.

    Maria, good luck with the recording.

    Hi to Candis and everyone else that follows!

  4. Farf, I'll read that when I get home. Too scary for alone time in the morning.

    Scary thought for Texans. If your loved ones die in these horrible wildfires. "American Justice" Perry will execute you ala Willimgham. Just one of the innocent men he's murdered knowing they were not guilty.

    Getting my passport ready. Too much craziness in this country. We thought Bush was bad...2013 looks worse. 2 of my good friends have moved back to Denmark.

  5. Beautiful pic, andi!

    Have a great vaca, Farf!

    Sorry about the rain. It's overcast here today, but we're still in drought. Seems it's a feast or famine kind of weather world these days.

    Still looking for a place to live. Lots to choose from - I'm just picky. :)

    Good luck with the recordings, Maria!

    Have a great Friday, y'all! Focus on the good in a world where the bad sometimes take center stage.

  6. Heyo all,

    FarF from yesterday. Yes, blurbs suck to write. So does back cover copy. And synopses. I feel your pain.

  7. It was a nice reward, Candis, for going to an early morning dentist appointment. :)

    I hope not feeling foggy any more, Farf. If so, I recommend having an Americano -- that always revs me up.

    I've been listening, Maria, to a lot of free audio books (from for the last 8 months and I'm really impressed with how well these non-pros do books so I'm sure you'll do a great job.

    It doesn't resemble the weather here today either, Dina -- we've got an overcast, blah day.

    I always think scary stuff is easy to handle in the morning, Janet.

    I think you should just get a nice RV, Beth, and make moving really simple. :)

    Howdy Kelly. Hope a nice unfrazzled weekend is heading your way.

  8. Morning all!

    Janet, fair warning: the story starts out violent, but justice is done. Here's hoping we'll get some in this country too.

    Kelly, as i wrote on the blawg: "I never realized how difficult it could be to condense a 95,000-word story into a single paragraph of promotional come-on. But I’ve summarized 500-page technical manuals with a haiku. I can do this." I got a little feedback and the improved version is now on the White PIckups page.

    Hope everyone has as relaxing a weekend as I'm planning. (At the resort, by myself… ah, bliss!!!)

  9. Since 6:45 am I've been fasted, pierced, multiple piercings, IV'ed, taped, aced, bloodletted, injected, inspected, iodinized, cat scanned, undressed, dressed, wrapped, heated, cooled, rotated, hydrated, carted, documented and released.

    I also got plucked and trimmed (my hair on my head, silly) at the salon and then caffienated.

    If I had a margarita right about now, I'd probably do a face plant onto the floor. Hrrrrmmm that might actually feel good after this morning.

    How's your Friday starting out?

    I'll read your story tonight on my NookColor, Farf.

    I don't think I'll be going back East with Wayne. too much $,$$$ to fly out for a funeral. Major suckage.

  10. Disability Awareness Day at Fenway. Well done, Boston!

    An autistic man gets a little help with singting the national anthem.

    Touching. Hope this sends you off on your weekends with a little more hope and happiness.