Monday, August 8, 2011

Zen Sniff Ponders Sniffing a Whiff of Zen

Taken July 17, 2011.

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  1. Morning Gang!!

    One week of freedom and the job begins again. I'm grateful to have a job so not complaining.

    Sonboy was home for a couple of days and cleaned out my front flower bed. WooHoo. I cooked chicken breasts and pork chops and baked a chocolate chess pie and he got to take home leftovers. All were happy.

    Daughter leaves this evening for Australia--Melbourne and then Tasmania.

    I stay home and attempt to stay cool.

    Maria, Kit will love the new chair. With such wide arms you can share the comfort.
    Good writers will find a place in the future. Sending positive vibes your way.

    Beth, glad to hear safe travels and fun times. Cool temps are a blessing if you find those too.

    Jen, Such a sweet face on your furniture excavation expert. Here's hoping the next visit to get meds is more successful.

    Jim, hope you are able to enjoy some bike rides.

    Andi, Love starting my week with Zen Sniff.

    Waves to Farf, Dina, Janet, Kelly, Nancy, Candice, and all others that follow.

  2. Waves to all. Damn all summer colds!

  3. Tasmania? What's she going to be doing there, Lisa?

    Cool temps and rainy skies in NH today, which is fine with me. My MacBook screen is on the fritz, so taking my laptop in for repairs today. I'm WAY too reliant on this thing. Maybe I'll just read a book today instead...

    Sorry about the cold, dina.

    Happy Monday, all! Lisa, enjoy your last week of vaca...

  4. Monday!

    Lisa, it's hard to believe how fast the summer's gone by. Eek!

    Dina, feel better!

    Beth, bummer about the MacBook. :(

    I'm currently enjoying some lovely ripe cherries. Summer fruit: FTW!

    Doing a whirlwind last-minute family trip over Labor Day weekend (my b'day weekend) to DFW. Staying with the sis plus the 'rents are driving up. We're going to visit the new library (where sis works) and who knows what else. Mostly, I'm just glad to have some family time.

    re: Editor news - Andi, I think I've gone past mad. At this point, it's more of a "what the heck now?". Trying to be zen.

    Hope you are all hanging in there!

  5. G'morning to everyone.

    Andi, the frame of this shot and something about Sniff's expression reminds me of the twin girls who played the Ingalls' youngest on Little House; that first image of the character we see in the introductory sequence, running and tumbling through the long grass. (And either I am having déjà vu or I have made a similar observation about this dog in a similar image before. I am certain the actresses would be thrilled with this/these comparison(s), lol.)

    Lisa, I had my rx transferred to another pharmacy and was not only able to get my meds yesterday afternoon, I was able to get them for 30% cheaper, yay! Thanks for the good wishes, and right back 'atcha.

  6. Howdy Lisa. So sorry about the soon-to-be-over free time but yay for paychecks. P.S. I have a friend in Tasmania and have seen lots of pictures -- it's gorgeous.

    Ah sorry, Dina. I think summer colds are always the worst.

    I hope the Apple Geniuses come through for you, Beth.

    Maria, Zen Sniff says that he could tell you were the sound of one hand clapping even across the many miles.

    Jen, I had to go find a youtube video of that since I never watched the show -- love the little kid that falls down but Sniff would never ever be so undignified (unless there were squirrels involved). By the way, I'm very happy to realize that I have met my very first Spinozist pantheist (and if that wasn't you, I have found your Ohio soulmate).

  7. I would never imply that Sniff had an ounce of indignity, only infinite cuteness. :)

    (lol, yeah that was me.)

  8. Sniff is relieved. And am I am sort of sorry I hadn't found your Ohio soulmate. ;)

  9. Ahh, what a sweet photo of Sniff. :)