Thursday, August 4, 2011

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Taken July 21, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. oh that's just an amazing shot andi.

  2. Wonderful picture!

    Still with the computer problems so I will be posting twice to set up the email. UGH!

  3. Huh, candis -- that's exactly what I always end up saying at your place. :)

    Hi Mary! How was the lake?

    That is so strange, Dina. I hope it cures itself soon.

  4. I'll echo the "wow" and add a "nifty"!

    Hooray for Thursday.

    Weather report: cooler but humidity has skyrocketed.

    Janet, many many virtual hugs to you. May your recovery be far swifter than that of our economy.

    Busy working on internal documentation today on our company wiki. Sometimes, I just have to bang my head against the wall when I see how other folks have coded pages. /rant

    Tomorrow: normal Friday off with bonus!doctor appointment.

    Dina, check to make sure you're logged in at the top right when you access the page. I've noticed that Blogger seems to log me out for no apparent reason. If you're not logged in, just click login then the back button back to the post. That should alleviate the need to double post.

    Cheers, all!

  5. Wow Andi! It's like in 3D!

    Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! I'm just going to rest today... I'm tired.

  6. Thanks, Maria. I will try and remember to do that. I keep getting logged out for some reason!

    Janet, rest is what you need now. Go slowly and recover quickly.

  7. Greetings from Stowe, VT! Dina, not sure that what I do is anything to be impressed by. Most folks shake their heads and smile kindly. :)

    Wishing I could see some of those storms, Maria! So far a nice steady drizzle yesterday in Troy, which was wonderful. Glad your back is better!

    Glad you're home, Janet! Rest and take care of yourself...

    Crossing NY WAS grueling, andi, but I did have cell service most of the way. Unfortunately, the power outlets in my car died Sunday, so I can't charge my phone in the car, so am using it sparingly. Appt to get it fixed at my sister's in NH next week.

    Two days of trop rock music ahead, woo hoo! This week has been stellar, and the weekend promises to be the same. Although I really am looking forward to stopping in a couple of weeks,and lying on the beach and NOT driving!

    Then looking for a new place to live...argh.

    Anyway, happy Thursday, all! Oh, cool pic, andi - you find the most amazing things!

  8. Beth, one can do both you know. I hope you are enjoying VT.

  9. Gonna throw in a "cool" to add to the mix of praise.

  10. The lake was wunnerful. High of 80 every day, no humidity and no rain. Lows in the upper 50s. It was so nice to spend a week with all the windows open.

    But I came back to a large project at work that is keeping me very busy. Hopefully life will calm down by the middle of next week.

  11. Thanks everybody for the compliments on the pic (of course I owe it all to the spider).

    Maria, hope the weekend gives you plenty of time to recover.

    Janet, good to hear from you. Rest sounds like just the thing.

    NY does seem to just go on and on, Beth but at least you've got a fine reward ahead of you. Party on, dude.

    Howdy Kelly. Hope summer is treating you well.

    Ah Mary, that does sound wonderful. Bummer on the heavy work load.

  12. Summer is eating me alive, but mostly in a fun way. BTW, the new roof continues to hold just fine.