Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waiting for Rain

Taken July 29, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Have a great time in Boston (going to the Daily Catch?), Beth, and a safe drive to North Carolina.

    Kelly, it was a good try. Good luck with holding the two seats -- a one vote majority will certainly make it harder for the Republicans to keep wrecking Wisconsin. And I'm sure that you are doing good and it's very good of you to be willing to do so.

  2. Hola, all.

    Kelly, I admire your diving into local politics & taking your place. Tough to do, but so needed in so many places!

    Weather today is destined to be gorgeous! Won't even hit 90. Can we say hallelujah?

    Still wearing the crankypants, mostly because I'm achy and uncomfortable. But at least it's my Friday.

    Janet, I am still sending you waves & waves of gentle healing vibes. Recovery can be such a bitch.

    Hoping the day @ the mimes goes smoothly and swiftly.

    Happy Thursday, all.

  3. Hope you don't have to wait *too* long for that rain, Andi. We got skunked on a 70% chance of rain on Tuesday.

    From yesterday…
    Janet, are you sure that book title isn't "Flatulent Sun?" Love that cookbook title, too, heehee.

    Kelly, thanks for fighting the good fight there in the trenches. The Big Kahuna recall is coming up, I surmise.

    Safe driving, Beth!

    Big V called with her usual "i need help" whine (she sure does, but that's another topic) — Skylar wasn't sleepy, his dad was nowhere in the house, and blah blah blah could Daughter Dearest come down and get him to sleep? DD didn't want to budge, so I grabbed her crankypants, put 'em on, tied 'em in a good tight knot, and went down there. First two people I saw were Cousin Splat (aka Skylar's dad) and POD outside. "What's up?" was the Wrong. Thing. To. Say. After I finished unloading, Splat got his butt in gear and took care of his kid (who thought I'd come down to take him to the manor).

    I posted a writing prompt on TFM last night, if anyone wants to come splash in the pool…

  4. Waves to all. Beautiful day here. I hope that the cranky pants are coming off everyone and things are looking up.

    Wisconsin was a disappointment but better than what I thought at first which was that all the Republicans retained their seats. And hopefully it will be a wake up call.

    Trying to look on the bright side today!

  5. The Republicans in Wisconsin should be sitting in a cell. When did we go from "Women and Children first" to "Each man for himself"?

    The Mad Hatters Tea Party folks are freaking nuts. And an embarrassment.

    But more people in this country couldn't pass a citizens test and they are more concerned with reality tv than they are with reality.

    I'm more ticked off at the so-called Democrats though. But that's why I'm a Liberal and vote as an Independent. However, I'd never vote for a Republican... ever. That'd be like a woman voting for the Rapist Party. Or a Student voting for the Anti-Education League of Haters. No way.

    Going in for the follow up. Wayne broke his dentures last night. Been hassling with the VA with those. So Kaiser is going to kick in. Maybe he'll get somoe implants in the near future... so going to be busy at different hospitals today.

    take care guys

  6. Happy Fake Friday, Maria.

    We didn't have long to wait for the rain that day, Farf. We got two inches during the night (with lots of thunder and lightning).

    Gorgeous here too, Dina. August seems to be trying to make amends for July.

    Janet, hope your doctors appt. went well. And that Wayne's did too.

  7. Yay - Wayne picks up his new top choppers tomorrow and he's getting new set appt soon. Me, I retrun on the 15th with a modified work day and restrictions. Store manager wasn't thrilled but my Boss was eager to get me back and working and part-time is better than no-time. Hell, I can work circles even while gimped up.

    Then we go to Seaside for a few days - starting the 17th for the second part of the getaway. I didn't take too much vacation time last year due to so many deaths.. so I have to take time off before I go "over" my amount.

    Off for now. hugs and snuggles to all who want em.

  8. Bummed. Work called and I can't return till one of the restrictions, the big one, is increased from one hour of standing without breaks to 2 hours.

    My job is safe and all that but I'm just bummed out.

    Was my first time going in there (eleleven days) and I miss all my friends and co-workers. Danni made sure each person didn't hug me hard. Guys coming out of nowhere to give me loving - not knowing I'd been gone for surgery. Just thought I was gone on vacation. The one young ex-Sailor who we turned onto local ice hockey, he came at me to hug and Danni got in between us. LOL.
    Just was good to go back and see the people, just gotta take it easy I guess. Boss said she doesn't want me hurting myself and they'd lose me longer.

    I should be happy and looking forward to more "time off" but I'm bawling my heart out.

  9. Aw Janet, I'm so sorry. You should go to Powell's and get yourself a whole bunch of books to read during your enforced laziness.

  10. Late to the game, after a fun evening in Boston. Nope, didn't leave Kenmore Square area - watermelon ale and habanero stout (had quite a kick!) at the Boston Beerworks, then watched the Pats game with my friends. Now I'm working while they're sleeping.

    Healing thoughts to all - I'll check in from VA tomorrow night (decided 14+ hours was too long of a day to drive, so am going to break it up a bit - I'm getting old!). TGIF!!