Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tunnel of Light

Taken July 29, 2011.

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  1. Morning Gang,

    Weird phenomena--wet stuff dripping down and a brisk 75 degress this morning.

    DFW may not have broken the triple digit record but we did in southern Dallas County.
    Everthing looks so scorched when you drive around. We could use days and days of this slow rain, but will enjoy it while it lasts.

    Andi, thanks for the virtual water and green until we could get some of our own.

    Last days of freedom. Jim, my envy meter is dinging big time.

    Beth, safe travels as you continue south.

    Maria, how fun that new chair will be. Kit will likely claim it quick.

    Sounds like cranky pants is contagious, I'll duck and lay low.

    Farf, sounds like you need some summer cleaning. All cranky extended family swept out for a while.

    Waves to Dina, Kelly, Jen, Janet, Nicky, Candis and all else that drop by.

    Delurking and back to lesson plans.

  2. Waves to all.

    Lisa, so glad you got rain. May it continue slow and steady for a time.

    We have another lovely day here. Too good to be true and I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop!

  3. Hi all!

    Lisa, I think that housecleaning is going to happen without too much effort on our part: Daughter Dearest is going back to college today; The Boy is fed up with Snippet again & is moving to Wisconsin (sorry Kelly); and Mrs. Fetched is about to either toss M.A.E. or make it so uncomfortable that she'll leave on her own. Enjoy your rain!

    Dina, the other shoe will drop come winter. ;-)

    I helped Mrs. Fetched's mom pick some corn this morning, but first we had to chase a cow out of the garden. She went & opened the gate, and I went down to where the cow was — down the hill. I made some moo sounds & it ambled on up and around me, then she showed us where the hole in the fence was by going through it into the pasture. :-P I got the tools & repaired it, and now I only have the rugrats to deal with.

    Writing? Hm. I might have to do some of that when I get a chance.

  4. Farf - good luck with everything. I hope it all works out.

    Winter - I love winter so no problem there. As long as I have a choice of when to go out or stay in, I am good. I don't mind driving in winter, I mind the idiots who don't know how!

  5. Hey all, thanks for the Happy Birthdays!

    Was a lovely and jam-packed day with an absolute avalanche of good wishes. Between various online venues I got about 300 Happy Birthdays thrown my way. Cool, but a little overwhelming. Thinking of going out on the bike again soon for errands and then off to steal Neil's dogs for a run.

    Janet, I hope you can catch him Portland. Sounds like he's going to do a west coast joint show/tour with Amanda. If so, it should be a ball.

  6. Made it safely to NC this morning, and am spending the weekend with my mom's twin - she's the closest thing to a mother I have these days. Monday I finally make it back to FL, and plan to stay for a while - I'm road-weary.

    We're supposed to be getting rain, but with my usual luck, none in sight. Maybe tomorrow.

    See how many people love you, Kelly? :)

    I hate driving in winter, Dina, though I did it for lotsa years. If I didn't have to drive, I might he able to endure winter...

    Yay for rain, Lisa! And hopefully the house will again be yours, Farf. Good luck...

  7. Finally! Got the KMc's Friday Fellows up. :) As to Gaiman coming to Portland, I don't know if I have the technology to find out when and where to get tickets as I don't Tweet or Google+. So I'll do it the old fashioned way. I'll beg. "If anyone hears anything, let me know" :)

    Wayne went on a bike ride this am and got stung by a bee right under his glasses. Didn't deter him though. Would've done me in.

    I don't know what is up with my kids but they don't understand that I've rarely ever farted in my life. Rarely, I tell ya. And now it appears that I'm doing it due to surgery and each time I let one roll, it's like I'm getting thinner. :P They're just rolling their unbelieving eyes.

    Rewatched "Canadian Bacon" last night and OMG. Some parts just weren't funny anymore due to all the BS in our government. "The American Public will buy anything we tell them."

    Blah weather day here. Kinda overcast, kinda warm. But our Governor doesn't go around praying to god for rain or anything actually. I'm sorry, but if Perry bought a house next to me... I'd move! Fast.

  8. Hi Lisa. Sorry about the end of summer break. But very happy about the rain.

    Wishing you many more very nice days, Dina.

    Fresh corn sounds yummy, Farf -- and not to be shared with cows either.

    Glad you had good b'day with lots and lots of b'day wishes, Kelly.

    Hope you are having a good visit, Beth. And here's to a nice bit of staying put ... for a while.

    Ouch -- that sounds really painful, Janet. Hope Wayne is feeling better now.