Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out

Taken August 7, 2011.

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  1. Um… what IS that?

    Mason refused to sleep until Cars was over, so I didn't get much done. Then he woke up at 6 for some milk. I hear him starting to wake up now, so I gotta make this short.

    The VGW has been besmirched. Have at it, y'all!

  2. ::echoes Farf's comment::

    What is that?

    @ the mimes already but not really awake. Headache still lingering. I think the universe totally owes me, darn it.

    Hoping to have a quiet, yet swift day.

    Cheers, all!

  3. I join the chorus - what is that?

    Hoping for a good day for all!

  4. Hi Farf, Maria, and Dina. Sorry for all the early morning perplexity.

    It's a drowned jewelweed flower that was knocked off its stem and onto a leaf during one of our very rare rains.

  5. Aha, now I see it. Honestly, I thought it was fauna, not flora. ::g::

    Just averted a mini-crisis. My author copies were mistakenly sent to the agency (per contract) BUT, I'd asked to have them sent to me due to the sunsetting of the agency. Normally, no big, I could wait, but I have a launch event next Weds.

    I emailed the agency - they're ON VACATION.

    Luckily, the folks at Pocket are scrambling to get me some books that they have in the office & rush some to me from the warehouse. WHEW.

    Headache is dissipating, thanks to the judicious application of caffeine in liquid form.

    This month's GOT to get better, right?

  6. Wow, that looked like a serious snot rocket or someone hacked up a lung biscuit.

    The APOD is very cool today!

    Some slight dificulties still. Long stretching type pains from my navel up to my pancreas area (know it's the pancreas due to the incision LOL) and still my bowells are ADD.

    Farf, soon Mason will be off to school, then off to middle school, then he'll be going off to get their ASB car while in high school. Today Danni goes in to get her ASB card photo done and pay money for this and that and her yearbook. She's a Senior! ACK. Where's the time go. (I know, old people say that, but it's a very good question).

  7. Whew Maria! Dodged that one. I like my caffeine in ice cream form :) Or those shishifrufru milkshake/frappe bazillion calorie forms. I've learned how to make em since I don't support StarSucks. But my indy coffee shop ran by a great friend (not Oleg's who passed away) but another - they make incredible iced-slushy type coffee drinks now. Mayan Mocha, Gunpowder, Salted Caramel.

    Wes got some happy-sad news yesterday about his good friend and classmate. Conall has been awarded a wish. But it's Make A Wish. Conall suffered a stroke when he was 2 running along the beach. He couldn't speak or move for almost a decade. He's Wes' age and speaks and walks now. He organizes get togethers and always has a smile. But something in his brain, I haven't asked for the particulars, is very life threatening.

    His wish? He wants to take his friends to a local soccer teams game. So they are giving him a Suite for 20 friends and family.

    Wes is very upset and he has a hard time on the phone as it is and he tried several times to call Conall to talk to him but what with the phone skills and such... he kept hanging up or at one time he said, "Hi it's me Wes, are you eating dinner now? I'll call back. *click*" I told him to call today and we'll go over AGAIN some things to talk about. Like call him and ask him about school. Plan on the game.

    My friends, please tell me why it is that such young, wonderful, giving people have to die and the mean, nasty people live long lives and buy island homes and use their money and time to hurt others? Wes has seen too much death lately. But for it to be a young man and his time is shortened. It's hard.

    Wes was amazed that Conall could have had any wish he wanted ("He could have met Taylor Swift, Mom!") and he asked to take his friends to a Timbers game.

  8. Given the caption, I am sort-of disappointed that the photo is not of a special mushroom. ;p

    Maria, fwiw, my sympathies on the continued professional stress. I am terrified of being on the market because it seems to me that there is virtually zero control on behalf of the author in relation to success. Oh sure, there are things you can do and things you can avoid, but so much of the business is either knowing the right people, or just being in the right place at the right time with the right marketing -- none of which has fuckall to do with writing talent or even a willingness to work hard enough to develop it. I admire all of you with the guts to get in the game at all, I'm still working on that part.

    Janet, I'm so very sorry about your young friend's dx, and sorry for Wes having such difficulty with the experience. It is really hard to lose people; E & I have lost a lot of close people at very young ages, so I know far more than I care to about death and loss. I hope the boy's wish fulfills him in an even more complete and pleasurable way than he imagines.

    From yesterday:

    More so that I was worried about one of the pooties getting out. Not that they'd run away but that they'd get lost.

    Very reasonable fear, as a lost cat is a tough experience for both the humans and the cat. I didn't tell this story earlier because this has been the Summer of Lost Cat Trauma, but the story has now taken a delightfully happy turn, so I will dish.

    Remember when I posted about how when we originally rescued Ruby Tuesday from outside, she was pregnant, but she also still had another weaned kitten sticking around from [what we presume was] her first litter? We invited him inside too and he accepted, and we named him Fred. (Federico Armani is actually his proper name but mostly we just call him Freddie.) Well, back in late May, Freddie had to go the vet for a urinary thing, and after a particularly unpleasant exam, his crate broke in the parking lot and he bolted into the woods behind the animal care center. I was not there but E called me when she couldn't immediately round him up and thus began the Summer of Lost Cat Trauma.

    We searched the woods for hours but Freddie was hiding out, probably because vet exams for recently feral cats must feel a lot like alien abduction scenarios. That very night, a tornado touched down where he was lost, and it was accompanied by a 3.5 inch hailstorm that took out chunks of roofing, housing exterior, shutters, etc., of half the neighborhood where he got loose. We promptly became frantic.

    We spent days, then weeks searching, walked miles and miles through the nearby woods and fields and neighborhoods, passed out hundreds of flyers at homes and businesses, erected large illegal signs on street corners (sweet-talked a cop to let me do this in front of him, heh), offered a generous reward, talked to everyone we saw, posted in several places on the internet, we even hired a pet detective. I had no idea this was a real job until this happened. The guy was nice and his scent-tracking dogs were total sweeties but they could not find Fred. We took a lot of false call leads, some of those pretty traumatic, but our flyers finally got us the lowdown on our boy's location. He was hiding out right behind this one particular neighborhood in the woods.

    Several of the neighbors were kind and compassionate enough to work with us by leaving out food and water for him on their porches. Ultimately, we left a carrier at one home where he'd been spending a lot of porch time, and the nice people who live there were able to entice him into it and call us to come get him. So after TWO AND A HALF MONTHS, Mister Federico Armani is home again (we got him back about two weeks ago), and we are all, Freddie included, beside ourselves with glee and relief.

  9. Whooot Freddie's Back!

    ((((Jen))))) damnit, one day we have to meet. Seriously. And not just meet for lunch or a few minutes between flights. I'd love to hang out with you for a few days and evenings and just "BE".

    You're my "Bucket List" LOL

    Or maybe one day was can speak on the phone again? I will wait patiently. :)

  10. I am phone avoidant and tend to only use them when I have to (especially cell phones, which I mysteriously hate), but I would very much love to meet you in person, Janet. And to spend some time soaking in one another's company sounds heavenly. We will, someday, I think. My gut-brain says it will happen, anyway, and lately that's been right more often than my head-brain, heh.

    For a while now, I have been wanting to arrange a meet-up at this woodsy spa retreat a couple hours from my house that has cabin accommodations, waterfall walking trails, massages, gourmet food and other groovy stuff, so let me know if your busy life ever allows you the time/ability to make a trip like that and we'll plan it. (My travel range is still limited by my health, right now approx 4-5 hours from home, although hopefully this will continue to expand in the future.)


    5.8 on Richter, epicenter near Richmond. FREAKY. Our building swayed and things started falling outside (mostly roof debris) - we're on 12th floor. I was in a co-worker's office. At first, I thought it was someone working on the roof, then the building started moving. She yelled "earthquake" and we all skedaddled down the stairs.

    Thank goodness there is a building evacuation plan and we have drills!

    Everyone is okay, as is the building. Back in my office now.

    I really would rather NOT experience that again.

  12. Sorry about Wes' friend, Janet. It is a hard thing to deal with but his wish to be with his friends is a lovely one.

    Well it is weed, Jen. ;) And yay for that meetup at the spa (or anywhere else that works out).

    Wow, Maria -- watching the news about it now. I've been through several both here in Indiana and in California but none of them were as big as this one. None of them have done any damage. According to the news, the nuclear reactors in Virgina automatically shut down just as they were supposed to -- which is good news.

  13. I was just checking in to see if you'd posted, Maria, as soon as I heard. Egads! Glad you're okay. I lived in Tokyo for 2.5 years, and we had them regularly. But when they're rare occurrences, they're not fun!

    Glad you found the kitty, Jen. Amazing!!

    And that retreat looks heavenly!! My dream is to live in a log cabin in the woods...near a beach. :)

    Janet, so sorry about Wes' friend... :(

    Looks like Irene might miss us, after all. I'll order rain for us, and you too, andi. Seems like last week you guys were getting daily deluges!

    Happy Tuesday, y'all.

  14. Ironic that Eric Cantor's district was hit by the earthquake. You see, Eric Cantor doesn't want any funding for warning signals or the USGS.

    Nuke site near the quate, too. Bet the teabaggers don't want any soshulist money for safeguarding that either.

    Off to protect my library from these morons.

  15. Jen, I could come out I bet. Out to meet you. Not out of any closet or anything like that :) I'm about as way out there as a person can be. Just in different ways is all.

    But sure, I could fly out and we could hook up - maybe not even at anything fancy schmancy like a resort, I can crash out on your floor, couch would be better for my arthritis, and hang out with your pussy posse.

    East Coast reacts to a quake much like how Seattle freaks out over a little snow.

  16. This is really "bad"


    of course it's from a dear friend in California who has ridden their fair shair of quakes.

    I've been in too many count. Never liked them at all. Typhoons I can handle cause you know they're coming and you can kinda prepare. Not Quakes.

  17. Oh Janet that is so mean ... and so damn funny.

  18. (((((Andi))))) thanks for putting up with me and my sillies. And my baddies.