Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trailing Ahead

Taken July 23, 2011.

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  1. Happy trails to those of you who are on the road!

    I had my very own road trip adventures yesterday in that I spent what seemed to be a ridiculous amount of my day navigating the wilds of suburban northern Virginia. My new doc, a rheumatologist, is located in Fairfax--a 'burb I've never been to. While there, I decided to visit the La-Z-Boy store in my continued pursuit of the perfect chair.

    Thanks to Google maps with street view, I successfully managed to make my appointment on time, *find* the store and get home without my usual where-the-heck-am-I glitches!

    I count it as a win!

    Oh, and I did buy a chair. Fabric cover in sable. It will be delivered next Friday.

    In other news:

    It's never been so obvious that the publishing world is in insane flux. Now, after having my imprint go away (after this year); my agent's agency crumble, I just found out that the main editor @ Pocket, who was my one tie to the publishing house left, has taken a job elsewhere - a really fabulous job.

    My initial internal reaction? If all these doors are closing, where the heck is my frakkin' window?

    I'm actually okay with this. I'm looking on it as just another sign of a very volatile industry. So desu ne.

    On that note, happy Saturday to all!!

  2. Maria, sorry to hear about the editor, but I hope your window opens soon.

    Lovely picture today. The green is wonderful.

    Happy Saturday to all.

  3. Lovely photo Andi. I'm imagining it to be both cool and bug-free. :)

    Interesting - but very sad (for the bird) - story in the BBC today: Killer plant 'eats' great tit at Somerset nursery.

    I have an Asian pitcher plant, but thankfully the pitchers are only 2 inches long and it's indoors. I would hate to find a bird in it! Eeeeeeeeek.

    Happy weekend to all!

  4. Nice looking chair, Maria -- looks like you could sink into it and never get out. And congrats on the great attitude ... me, I'd just be overwhelmingly pissed.

    I had a good Saturday, Dina. Hope yours was too.

    Oh Candis, that poor bird -- looks like Little Shop of Horrors was a actually a documentary. :)