Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Taken July 24, 2011.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! And a beautiful fall color sneaking in amongst the green. ::g::

    Still hot. Still muggy, but as the end of the month creeps closer, I'm happy to see fall approaching.

    Tuesday at the mimes is Tuesday. Though starting off the day with bacon on a toasted asiago cheese bagel is a good thing. ::g::

    Wishing you all a fabulous day!

  2. Okay, that's an incredibly cool shot. Love it. Just voted in our Wisconsin recall and am now trying to turn off the political part of my head so that I can not go crazy worrying about the outcome today.

    I wish I were the sort who did well at canvassing or phonebanking, but they both pretty much give me heart palpitations, which is how I ended up on County Board. I needed to do something, and being an elected liberal in government makes me feel like I'm doing my share.

  3. Agreed, uniquely beautiful photo today. Artsy!

    Thank you so much for working inside the system, Kelly. Most important thing for your objective right now is probably closely monitoring the count and making sure giant boxes of votes don't mysteriously materialize out of thin air, ay?

    Fwiw, I've been trying to keep all y'all's backs covered from the dark shadows of anonymity, as I effectively cannot work within the system, so I have to resist from anywhere and everywhere else. Whenever Charlie calls, the Angels go undercover and start working the case from the back door, so don't ever lose my number. ;p

  4. Waves to all. Love the picture. Hoping for good news from Wisconsin.

    What is sleep?

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  6. (Deleted previous comment because - shock, horror! - there was a spelling mistake!)

    Love that brilliant orange, what kind of leaf is it?
    Just back from lovely, lazy holiday in SW France with almost the whole family (apart from son and his wife and 3 little boys in Oz). Fabulous 1930s wooden beach house divided into 3 'flats' so we weren't on top of each other but all ate on the verandah. Bliss!

  7. Asagio bagel sounds good, Maria. I'd leave the bacon off, though.

    Good luck, Kelly! I am hoping for a great result.

    I hate to be self-centered, Jen, but if I had a bunch "angels" at my disposal, my house would be a whole of lot cleaner than it is.

    Dina, I hope sleep is what you do tonight.

    Hi Nicky. I can't be absolutely sure but I believe it's a sassafras leaf*. I hope you took some pictures, Nicky, which you will post at your website for us to ooh and ah over.

    *sassafras trees are interesting because they have three different types of leaf. This one appears to be a "mitten" type where the thumb is gone or bent over or slightly misshaped.

  8. Ah, website is only for booky stuff, Andi, but this is the Beach House. Well worth a trial if you ever find yourself with about 16 people in the Medoc region!


  9. I hope to never find myself with 16 people in one house anywhere but it does look lovely, especially the porch.

  10. Hi, I'm back. Mostly. Got to go mow the lawn, then hoping to post some vacation pics on the blawg.

    I see everyone is doing, great!

  11. I'd say welcome back, Farf, but always seems wrong to say that to someone who's come back from vacation ... but "sorry to see you" doesn't quite sound right either. ;)

    But I am looking forward to seeing the pics.