Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Old Tree

Taken August 12, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. So that tree has three shoots coming out of the main trunk? Cool. When I put up a tree house (just a platform really) for The Boy, it was in a similar configuration.

    I blogged a little about various tantrums last night, and Maria's book launch is today! Go give her blawg some lovin'.

  2. Morning, gang!!

    Awesome tree, Andi - I love the twisty trunks.

    As Farf said, today is book launch day. BLOOD SACRIFICE is officially out. I've blogged & am guest blogging other places (link to those at my blog).

    Hope you can stop by.

    Busy day @ the mimes.

  3. Launch? I haven't even had breakfast yet :)

    Hooray Maria!

    Went into the ER yesterday morning and all we know is that it's not an infection or any of my organs. They sent me home with nasty vicodin (which I HATE and it makes me sick and "swimmy legged") as they really wanted my surgeon to check for a hernia in the bellybutton incision area. Ew. But he's super busy due to emergency surgeries and a backed up appt so I have to wait til the 1st.

    So I'm sitting here on a slightly drizzily day with the windows open (cuz the AC still is broken) and I'm loving the cool breezes and smell of the promise of rain. Cats are loving it and going bonkers. Taking my medicines to and feeling as the Ramones sang out.. SEDATED.

    Farf, when Oleg passed away, his 2yr old daughter Sashka, ran around and jumped in our laps and even hollered a bit. It was good to see and hear life. I know that some of the older folks were a bit annoyed... but the rest of us found it a nice distraction.

    KMc, loved the cat blogging. Feel free to use or Land Otters if you ever get a belly-full of land otters out there is Wisconsin.

  4. It would be a great tree for a tree house, Farf.

    Mazel tov and woo hoo on the book launch, Maria!

    Howdy Kelly.

    Darn Janet, I was hoping that it would get figured out and fixed. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. At least we know what it's not.

    There were a ton of baddies it could have been I learned.

    Also learned that some nurses are good at taking blood... some really "suck" at it.

    Blood was taken twice from me. Surgeon had ordered tests so that was my right arm. ER did their own - left arm. My left arm is so bruised and I have a "Z" scratch in it. Zorro got me. :)

  6. Andi, tell your neice to put out a Sweet Revenge Cookbook. She doesn't have to divulge all her recipes but I think she'd make a killin'.

    Her Sweets and her Savories. Also the alcoholic pairings with the goodies.

    If I'm ever in New York... I'm so going to her place. Wished we had one here in Portland.

  7. I know she's talking about doing a book but I'm not sure about the recipes in it but here's one [LINK] for Red Rasberry Red Velvet Cupcakes and one for [LINK] her Pure cupcakes.

  8. re: Andi's niece - I *am* going to NYC (in October) and visiting Sweet Revenge is on the agenda. ::is excited::

    I'm headed home in a few, but not to relax. I've been asked to help test a site that is transferring database servers. Le sigh. At least I'll be at home.

  9. Hi, guys. I am home and I have power! I am also exhausted so sending good thoughts, congratulations and chocolate as appropriate.

    Stay good.

  10. I love that old tree! Can we see a picture of the old house next to it, andi?

    Glad you're home safely, Dina.

    Congrats, Maria!!!

    Hope you're doing better, Janet.

    Received a couple of positive responses from online transcription companies, so hopefully I'll have work again soon.

    Wishing I had a cupcake...

  11. I'm looking forward to hearing about it, Maria.

    Dina, so glad you are home and everything is okay.

    Ask and you shall receive, Beth. Here's the old (and long abandoned) cabin from the back [LINK] and here it is from the front [LINK].

  12. Thanks for the recipe, Andi. Buttermilk. I can veganize that. Basically you add vinegar to any milk to sub for buttermilk.

    So is Maria going to send us all Cupcake Care Packages? :)

  13. Thank you, andi! I SO want to live there! Or, well, um, maybe in a slightly fixed-up version...

  14. Hey Beth, other than needing a roof, walls (inside and out), floors, windows, and doors, it's in great shape! Oh ... and you might want to add indoor plumbing because the outhouse is falling down too.