Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There's a Summer Place

Taken August 8, 2011.

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  1. I really, really want to be there. Stress relief, FTW.

    Slept very poorly last night & woke to muscle spasms/cramps in lower back & legs (thanks to stress & having to maneuver all those stairs yesterday, I'm sure).

    August: you are FIRED!

    Am sooo looking forward to my trip next week to see my sis & the 'rents and to just RELAX...even though sis already has an itinerary planned.

    Taking the Nikon with me as we're visiting In-Sync Exotics, a wildlife rescue center and the new library where the sis works.

    Dreading the airplane trip - mostly the TSA nightmare that-could-be.

    May today be better than yesterday and may Irene decide to go out to sea.

  2. Love that touch of red Andi.

    Maria - hope things get better pronto! (And looking forward to your photos.)

    Happy day to everyone.

  3. Picnic!

    Maria, I call August the unlucky month, but it's been not so bad for me this year. Sounds like I found where the bad luck went. :-( The trip will go better. I'm also dreading the TSA probe come next month when I go out to see Janet (and attend some training as a secondary concern).

    Hi Candis, and all who come after! Working at home today…

  4. Waves to all and sending good thoughts TSA way. I'm flying too in September.

  5. This morning I watched a big gray heron skimming over the surface of the lake, Maria -- even more stress relief watching its elegant form in flight.

    Happy Hump Day to you, Candis.

    You've got a good eye (or a lucky guess), Farf since all that the tent contains is a picnic table.

    Many no-hassle wishes for you and Maria, Dina.

  6. Poking a nose in to say "Yay!" for Jen's found cat, and to say hello to all and sundry. How on Earth did it get to be late August?

  7. August is late? Will there be baby Augusts around soon? :)

  8. USA is numberone in Home Dentistry. Thank goodness for Dremel drills.

    Actually that's my brother who doesn't have healthcare or dental. He has asthma and needed a tooth smoothed out after he chipped it. It was cutting him.

    Maybe some 1st World Country will liberate us and provide our citizens with some real hope for Universal Health Care.

  9. A journalist contacted my brother's friend about the video and is using it in a piece about America's Modern Day Slave Labor. Our workers in customer service type jobs, and most jobs nowadays, don't provide the basic medical insurance. And how even slave owners provided some care for their slaves. More than what your waiter or waitress gets nowadays.

    I know some teabaggers might say, "well those people should get "real" jobs, then they shouldn't ever eat out or go to a customer service type establishment. They shouldn't get haircuts, fill up on gas or buy groceries (in most states) and don't go to the movies.