Friday, August 26, 2011

Taking a Hint

Taken August 8, 2011.

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  1. Lovely, peaceful water...I'll keep this in mind as Irene encroaches.

    Got the tech instructions for the audiobook recording so I'm hoping to start on that this evening/tomorrow. Today, I'm working @ the mimes from home, chasing the elusive Brown Uniform. Most days, Brownie arrives about 5:30, and I'm at home to make the exchange: my signature for something cool.

    Tuesday, I had to work late (last minute OMG WE NEED DOCUMENTATION NAO) - so I missed Brownie by only a few minutes.

    I left work early yesterday, but alas, for some bizarre reason, Brownie decided to attempt delivery at 2:15 a residence. Go figure.

    Since I know that it's my author copies that I will need for Wednesday's events and since this is 3rd attempt day, I decided to work @ the mimes from home today so I don't miss the package.

    Just another petty annoyance in a really annoying month.

    Waves of good vibes to anyone in Irene's path and for Janet, who really does need to stop watching TV news! :)

  2. I am in full worrying mode for everyone on the east coast, Maria. I can't hope enough that Irene decides to take a sharp turn to east and head out to sea.

  3. Morning all! Nice minimalist shot this morning, hoping work "takes the hint" to do the same for Friday.

    Maria, good luck snagging the Brownie. Hope you don't plan to do much recording Saturday night or Sunday, there's going to be some background noise. :-(

    Janet, I don't watch the TV news and am much happier for it. That song "Dirty Laundry" is even more applicable today than it was in the 80s.

    Friday Flash is posted. Scroll down one (to Wednesday) to see some of Big V's antics.

  4. Maria, may the UPS gods smile on you today!

    Of course, with Irene headed here, I am headed north. I worry about the kitties but usually my area doesn't get the full force AND I have friends who have promised to stop by.

    Here's hoping the traveling isn't too bad.

    Everyone stay safe!

  5. Cool (in a shivery sort of way) story, Farf. As for the other ... I hope the sloppy joes were good.

    North is better, Dina. It may be just a tropical storm by the time it gets up to Providence. Even the dogs are sending good vibes to your kitties.

  6. Thanks to Andi and the dogs.

    Maria, how are you guys doing? Is Kit ready?

  7. Irene was pretty much a non-event here. We had an hour of rain and a couple of gray and windy, then that was it. I posted pix at my place. Right now it's sunny and breezy, with a few white puffy clouds, I'll head back to the beach later and see what the surfers are up to.

    Hope it fizzles out just as much as it heads northeast! Be safe, all.

  8. Hatches are battened and whatnot.

    I'm all set.

    Latest news reports indicate that we're likely to get wind gusts up to 40mph & a lot of rain. Biggest problem is flooding, but hey, living in a highrise on a hill means I don't have to deal!

    I am ready for power outage & hoping it won't actually happen.

    Kit has been spending most of his day today right here. (clicky for a pic!)

    He's curled up on the duvet and has only gotten up once or twice.

  9. Actually, I'm killing our cable. We only have it to watch hockey.

    Went to work for 4 hours, I think I have another stone somehow or something.

    The "news", reading blogs stuff... this country has really gone backwards in so many ways.

    Gotta run... be back laterz

  10. So far so good… now we just have to get Dina through the weekend!

    Thanks, Andi — yup, the sloppy joes were good & we got to enjoy them in the relative quiet of our own home (just me, Mrs. Fetched, and Mason right now).

    Beth, if the surfers are out it'll probably make for some good watching. I got some great video of wakeboarders a few years ago, and there wasn't even a storm out in the Gulf.

    Maria, Kit has gotten so big! And handsome!

  11. Hey Andi, is that "hint" from my photo of the inlet at Astoria through the grass? :)

    Was good to be at work for a few hours. Seeing so many coworkers and getting good lovin'.

    I'm thinking of going back to school so I can get a paid volunteer job (yes, those do exist) with either UNICEF or the local Mercy Corp here. It's who and what I am. I'd like to do that stuff P/T and work at my store just 2 days a week or so. Wayne's up for a major promotion and it's very noticeable that Wes needs a bit more "supervision" here. Plus it will just benefit me in many ways.

    But the Mercy Corp folks I've met here via CodePink and Veterans for Peace have been super hardcore. I'm really hardcore. I look like Jello pudding pops compared. However, I've been face to face with pure evil and managed to stay firm. :)

    Write that on my urn, "Janet called Karl Rove an EFF"ING war criminal - to his beady eyed face" :)

  12. Oops due to typing while talking to my husband. I meant:

    I'm really hardcore:::
    I'm telly you, they are really hardcore.

    Compared to them, I'm jello...

    Cuz I'm not hardcore ROFL I get shaky legs, I tremble when I see the riot cops unloading their gear and I have to decompress in my "post protest chamber". I'm a major wimp when it comes to protests on bridges. Although I still do them - I hate them. I'm a bigtime skeerdykat.

    Hmmm. Thinking of all the things that scare me to death and yet I still do them... perhaps I do have a small pair of hardcore panties that I wear from time to time. Maybe one day they'll evolve into a full grown pair of pants. LOL

    I do kinda miss blogging the action diaries. But those attracted some really bad meanies.

  13. Maria, Kitt looks like he's composing a poem in his pretty head. What a deep thinking looking guy he is. Plus he looks so huggable. MeWow!

  14. The good news is that Irene seems to be losing strength. The tracking map I am following says that by the time it hits me, it will be a tropical storm. Since my biggest worry has been the cats, I feel much better about that.

  15. Glad if it was nothing there, Beth. I wish it would be nothing everywhere else.

    Nice thing about that photo, Janet, is that could be a hint of anything anywhere. So Astoria it is.

    Dina, I hope that Irene turns out to be one huge false alarm. I'm also worrying about my niece in NYC who lives in a 1st floor apartment in Zone C (flooding if there Irene is a Cat 3 or 4) and whose business is in Zone B (flooding if Irene is a Cat 1) who has of course no flood insurance for home or business.

  16. Oops almost forgot! Maria, Kit is very pretty and I like the way you shot that photo -- very nice use of light and shadow.

  17. Andi, I doubt cupcakes make good sandbags.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for all you all back East.

  18. Andi, Irene has pretty much been downgraded for this area. The southern coast of NJ will be hard hit but I live 30 miles outside NJ and all signs indicate that they expect it to be a tropical storm by the time it hits here.

    So hopefully your niece will be fine.