Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

The weather was gorgeous here on Saturday.
800 miles east, was a different story.

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by Robinson Jeffers

The world has many seas, Mediterranean, Atlantic, but
here is the shore of the one ocean.
And here the heavy future hangs like a cloud; the
enormous scene; the enormous games preparing
Weigh on the water and strain the rock; the stage is
here, the play is conceived; the players are
not found.

I saw on the Sierras, up the Kaweah valley above the
Moro rock, the mountain redwoods
Like red towers on the slopes of snow; about their
bases grew a bushery of Christmas green,
Firs and pines to be monuments for pilgrimage
In Europe; I remembered the Swiss forests, the dark
robes of Pilatus, no trunk like these there;
But these are underwood; they are only a shrubbery
about the boles of the trees.

Our people are clever and masterful;
They have powers in the mass, they accomplish marvels.
It is possible Time will make them before it
annuls them, but at present
There is not one memorable person, there is not one
mind to stand with the trees, one life with
the mountains.


  1. Managed to figure out how to get here. Safe in RI! But the worst hasn't hit yet.

    Maria, hope you are OK!

  2. Buh-bye, Irene!

    I got through with no loss of power!!!!!! So glad it's bloody over. Still raining and some slight wind outside, but forecast is for clearing skies this afternoon.

    I think I got about 2 hrs of sleep. Finally passed out around 6:00 a.m. or so. I plan to nap on and off the rest of the day.

    As for Doctor Who - wowza, did not expect that!

    Hoping that Dina remains safe & sounds in RI and that the rest of you all have a fabulous Sunday.

  3. Direct hit on NYC. Glad to hear Maria's OK, fingers crossed for Dina. Irene's now a tropical storm, but like I said that doesn't mean you should laugh it off.

    Went to bed early last night, so I was able to deal when the 5am squalls from Mason started. It only took 20 minutes to get him back to sleep this time.

    I'm on Goodreads now… looks like I'm like the last one. :-)

  4. I see the winds are losing speed, Dina, so I hope it isn't as bad when it gets there.

    So happy that it wasn't too bad for you, Maria (though I don't think I would have like to spend hours listening to a massive storm). Doctor Who definitely kept my attention.

    Just texted with my niece in NYC. She said it wasn't too bad (she was one block away from the evacuation zone) but then she hasn't been outside yet.

  5. Save the cupcakes! Andi, so glad to hear your niece is okay.

    Haven't heard from Wayne's family but oh hell... they're climate deniers and don't really care about the environment anyways. We'll just say we believed the entire Irene thing to be a "hoax". :P

    Dr. Who. I have never liked "RiverSong". Kids mentioned that Dr. Who was fun and exciting to watch but that now every episode is dealing with his death or possible death and that it's just almost too sad. "I'm not in the mood for Dr. Who - it might be too sad". We love the show but come on. The Rose Drama was enough.

    Have to go in with Wes for his Social Security appt. Again sent out his clain for Washington County disability. He has to have it for the program. There's a few things they can truly help him out with. But I'm not looking forward to going. It's like a cattle round up or something.

    Hoping everyone stays safe and sane. Or at least sound.

  6. Glad everyone's safe - hope you all remain so! Irene has left us with record-breaking temperatures; it's a steam bath out there.

    I walked the beach early today and found some huge shells, so that was pretty exciting. Now hanging out with three kitties, applying for jobs and trying to decide what to have for lunch. Oh, and apartment hunting online.

    Might even take a nap...relaxing Sunday, all!

  7. Glad everyone is safe from Irene and glad you didn't lose power Maria.

    Saw the new Doctor Who this morning - wow. I'm still thinking about it. Lots to love. But still thinking about my whole problem with how emotions are dealt with on it this season. Maybe I'll post about it later today if I get some downtime. But it really made me laugh out loud a number of times.

    I subscribed on iTunes for the rest of the season and I made sure this time to choose standard def. It took about an hour to download. Compared to the NINE hours that HD versions of The Hour take to download. Nine hours! What's up with that?

    Glad I'm not fown in the steambath with Beth. It's a beautiful late summer day here.

  8. The wind is certainly picking up here but we are hopeful that the worst will pass to the west of us. But I think I may have lost power at home - sigh.

  9. We don't lose power, we give it away.

    Okay, except for this type of losing power. :)

    Maryb, I would love to read how you feel about the way emotions are dealth with on DW. We LOVE the show, but it's becoming emotionally draining to watch it.

    Would I go back in time and kill Hitler? I would if this planet, especially my country would NOT repeat history and learn from it's past. I think, at this point, we're incapable of doing so.

    And the Holocaust didn't happen because of just one man. Alot of people stood by. Alot of people felt better, safer, when they could focus their hate and problems on certain parts of society. The Gay. The Disabled. The Non-Christian.

    My gawd, we're witnessing torture techniques in our name.


    Gotta prepare some meals.

    Hugs to all. Hugs to all those who do stand up and speak out

  10. Hi all, I hope today was the roughest day of the week for everyone.