Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Late Summer Feeding

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for Persia

Under ledge, under tar, under fill
under curved blue stone of doorsteps,
under the aggregate of lakebed rock,
under loss and under hard words,
under steamrollers
under your heart,
it doesn't matter. They can live forever.
The seeds of thistles
push from nowhere, forming a rose of spikes
that spreads all summer until it
stands in a glory of
needles, blossoms, blazing
purple clubs and fists.

Louise Erdrich


  1. Flutterbyes!

    Thistles are pretty, but pretty prickly too. When I was a kid, the local historian came to school for a presentation. He told us the Scots made the thistle their national flower because it foiled an enemy ambush when an enemy soldier stepped on one & gave away their position. :-)

    Mason woke up several times last night and was bellowing to escape at 8am. Whoosh.

  2. Happy Sunday!

    Nice appreciation of the important by the Scots!

    Love the picture.

  3. Not sure I knew Louise Erdrich wrote poetry. Nice to find out.

    Happy Sunday everyone.

  4. Blueberries and Prickily Pear Margaritas

    Peter Iredaile shipwreck

    Danni snagging Sand Dollars

    Wheeee - me and Danni - Wes nearby

    Me trying to take a cool Jim-Andi type photo

    Shots taken not in Seaside (which has turned into a real dump) ran up to Warrenton and Along the Gorge via Astoria. We're all sunburnt though which we rarely allow to happen. Was 92 in Beaverton but a lovely 75 at the beach. Don't tell anyone how great the coast is here. :)

    Going back home today! Yay!