Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

When the lens fogs up, ....

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Green Green, It's Green They Say

Green, green, it's green , they say
On the far side of the hill
Green, green, I'm going away
To where the grass is greener still

Well I told my Momma on the day I was born
Don't you cry when you see I'm gone
You know there ain't no woman gonna settle me down
I just got to keep traveling on

There ain't no woman in this whole wide world
Gonna tell me how to spend my time
I'm just a good loving rambling man
Singing, buddy, can you spare me a dime

I don't care when the sun goes down
Where I lay my weary head
Green, green valley or rocky road
It's there I'm gonna lay my head


  1. Happy Sunday to all. It is raining here but how else to get to Green Green?!?

  2. lol, dina. Good point.

    I've known some ramblin' men, and if I had known then what I know now, I'd have told them to keep on movin', and sorry, I'm fresh outta cold beer.

    Happy Sunday, all!

  3. Oh. That reminds me. Better get some cold beer in the fridge :)

    Andi, bee sting didn't faze him much. Gave him a headache. Looked like he ran into a flying dime. The bee didn't fare to well. I put some ointment called Topricin on it to kill any swelling.

    Perry and Bachmann are both in Iowa. Sad.

    I can't enjoy my dystopian stories right now. Too much of today's reality in them. I'm serious. I'm waiting for the Tea Baggers to try and obtain their "god givin rights" to hold "lotteries" in the South.

  4. On much lighter note: I'm awaiting my Ice Cream maker. I already made chocolate rasberry truffles to go into a batch. Along with plans to make some Andes Mint Mint Chocolate Ice cream. Kids don't care a whit if it has dairy or not. They've tasted some pretty darn good vegan ice cream at the store and know that homemade is always a treasurable treat.

  5. I recently learned how to make sorbet the easy way, no ice cream maker needed. I have been using kiwi, but just about any fruit will work with this recipe. You can also use berries, mix in fresh herbs, etc. This recipe makes four modest servings for after dinner (or one giant delicious bowl), but you can safely double, or even triple, the given ingredients if you want to make more in one batch, just plan for extended freezing times:

    3 very ripe kiwi fruit
    1/3 cup white sugar
    1/3 cup water

    Peel the kiwi with a good paring knife, cut the fruit into medium sized chunks, and freeze overnight.

    Next day, remove the fruit from the freezer and let it thaw a little while you make simple syrup: combine the sugar and water in a small saucepot and bring to a gentle boil, whisking/stirring occasionally to thoroughly dissolve the sugar. Cool completely.

    Combine the frozen fruit pieces and the simple syrup in a food processor/blender and mix until the consistency is like soft serve ice cream. You can eat it right away if you like, or if you prefer a harder consistency, freeze it for another couplefew hours. If you make a small batch, no additional steps are necessary, but if you make a large batch, you'll have to scrape away the more-frozen portions from the edges of your container and mix that in with the rest every hour or so for about 3 hours, or however long it takes for your freezer to finish the dish to taste.

    Perfect treat for late summer. Enjoy!

  6. I've got recipes for alcoholic sorbets - alcohol doesn't exactly freeze well but it's good enough. And yeah you don't need an ice cream maker for em but I "needed" one for ice cream.

    Thanks for the recipe, SugarPants! Seriously, try the recipe book "Lick It" it's awesome!!!

  7. Oolalalahh

    I have a recipe for that exactly but with mangoes. Manilla mangoes are my favorite! They're the yellow kind. Goddess food, I'm tellin' ya.

    Jen, ever try brown sugar instead of white for your simple syrups? Cuhrazy!

  8. Back from a quick trip over to Cincinnati to see my mom. Cloudy skies over and alternating sunshine and downpours on the way back.

  9. No storms here so far, though there are warnings on all three local channels. We're watching the skies hopefully...or at least I am!

    Happy Sunday, y'all. Thanks for the recipes, ladies! You can tell I'm in the South: we had barbecue, cole slaw, hush puppies and banana pudding for dinner, woo hoo!

    See you tomorrow, from FL!