Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Touchable & Untouchable Curves

Flowing Curves
by Somniator Moon

With flowing curves
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
For memory serves
With the release of a sigh

The use of touch
On bare skin smooth
Becoming too much
With the urge to move

Soft material draped
Upon a bare skin body
Words have escaped
What you wish to embody...


  1. Good Sunday to all.

    I saw the documentary, "Buck," yesterday, and I recommend it to all the animal lovers here. It's a tender and touching film about a "horse whisperer," though he doesn't whisper.

    This is Slytherin House today! ssssss

  2. On my regular ventures to my customary apothecary
    (another soulless corporate extension of big pharma),
    there are all kinds of ills, with all kinds of pills, still
    I am polite. Because, my friends, I dig karma.
    Plus, the kids who work the counter are not malicious.
    On this most recent jaunt to the medication haunt,
    things went so smoothly, I should've immediately been suspicious,
    "Double check the package," my mind whispered, but I ignored it.
    Competence and consistency does not seem like too much to want!
    Especially when they keep raising the price and I can't afford it.
    Later when I finally opened the bag, I learned they ignored my physician,
    they did not have the preparation that she recommended,
    so they substituted another without permission.
    Excuses but no apologies; reassurances the drugs are all same-classed,
    "Tiny cashier child, you are so very cute and naive! But bio-identical, my ass."
    Home again, home again, refunded, unmedicated, and so very tired...
    the couch innards are all over the floor! My gods, what has transpired?!
    Ms. Gizzy has been very busy with the furniture, burrowing deep within;
    gnawing and chewing, what the hell is this wildcat doing?
    I had to duct tape the velcro flap shut for the win.

  3. Good morning, or in the case of Jen, hope for a better morning!

    Quiet around here. We could use a bit of a breeze. But lovely nonetheless.

  4. Morning from NH. Had an amazing time in Stowe, VT - gorgeous town, great music, fun to see my friends and reenter the Trop Rock world. Now with my sis for a few days, and finally FL in a week. It'll be good to stay put for a while. And you're right, dina - one can do both, travel and stay put. I just need to figure out how!

    Yay for your new chair, boo for med mix-ups. Pretty pictures and poetry make for a nice Sunday. Hope everyone has a great day!