Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stick It

Taken July 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi, all. Finally got some sleep last night so I am almost feeling human.

    Love the picture! The forest looks very appealing right now.

  2. ::waves::

    Wearing my cranky pants today.

  3. Hey all! Back at the office cough, cough, dust. Probably for the best: M.A.E. was losing her $#!+ this morning with Moptop, Daughter Dearest not only has her crankypants on but has them cinched tight, and Mason was clingy. Fortunately, Snippet popped downstairs quickly to deal with the grandkid so I could slip out the door.

    BTW, the vacation pix are up.

  4. Janet, tired DamnitAugust 10, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    Hi there!

    Biggest Solar Flare! I think I'll reread "Inconstant Moon" again. :)

    Vacation aka Getaway was great. Great Weather, Great Food, I stayed low-key.

    Came back and some minor complications ensued. Bleeding. I'm going back to the doc tomorrow. Says it's all "normal complications" and nothing to get worked up about. The naproxen for my arthritis is a major blood thinner... So. That's that. Still some pain but mostly just wasted feeling.

    Looking forward to meeting Mr. Farf!

    Got my waring Pro waffle maker! So I turned around and ordered a cuisinart ice cream machine. Bought the cookbook "Lick It" which has vegan ice cream and sorbet recipes :)

    But for now I'm laid up in bed again with a big black cat who is all stretched out with his front feet forward and his hind legs outback. It's funny just how long he can stretch out.

  5. Jen, your 8/6 medicine post was very Mad Hatterish! :) You are so brilliant.

    Kelly, thank you for being a shining light amongst some foulish mish mash of badness. PS I still have my "On Wisconsin" sign :)

  6. Yay for sleep, Dina. :)

    No yay for the cranky pants, Maria. :(

    Oh noes, Farf, cranky people at home and then back to work. Double :(

    And triple :( for you, Janet. But I'm sure lying in bed with a snuggly cat, thinking about all the delights you're going to make with your waffle maker and ice cream maker has got to help. I've decided to leave all the possible comments on a cookbook called "Lick It" to you and Jen.

  7. I'm finally out of bed. For now. I gets stir crazy.

    I love this week's photos!

    I agree with Jen about Sniff looking like a cast member from Little House on the Prairie. I swear Jen and I must be related at some level. Well... aren't we all actually? :)

    I'm still jazzed from the show "Curiosity" WOW! Stephen Hawking is the dude! Wes was very intrigued about the whole god and disaibility part. how people said that those afflicted were somehow cursed by god. He said, "they still say that." Naw... now they just say "God Bless You" as they try to stop scientific and medical progress that would enhance so many people's lives... phhppttthh

  8. I think I'm wearing Maria's Cranky Pants.

    I like that term. I'm stealin' it. (runs away)

  9. Last night in NH. Heading to Boston tomorrow, and then NC on Friday. This trek across the country has been really fun, but also seems like I've been traveling forever, when it's only been 2 weeks.

    Sorry about cranky pants - everything went wrong that I touched yesterday and today, so I guess I've been wearing mine, too.

    Keep getting better, Janet! And nice pictures, Farf!

    And now back to spending my last few hours with my fam. Night, all!

  10. Heyo folks, we came up a little short on the recalls, but two seats in reddish districts is nothing to sneeze at. If we hold our other two Dem seats, things will be significantly less bad going forward.

    Jen, thanks for the anon backup. Always appreciated. Hope life is doing well by you.

    Janet, you're welcome both on my behalf and from my fellow angry liberal badgers. I took the County Board job because when they offered to appoint me so I'd be an incumbent going into my first election I looked around the district and didn't see anyone more liberal than I was to take the seat. It drives me up the wall sometimes, and takes up hours I can't easily spare, but I feel like I'm doing some good, so I figure I'll suck it up and run for reelection in the spring.