Friday, August 19, 2011

Stepping Stones

Taken August 4, 2011.

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  1. Morning, gang!

    Taking baby steps today as I wait for the tech info re: audio files for the books. I'd rather not get started until I know what the parameters are for the finished recording.

    Insurance estimator coming this morning to check out my car. Hoping that will go smoothly.

    Storm moved through here last night with big rain & hail, expecting more summer storms today. Glad I'm not planning to go anywhere.

    Just the kind of day to cuddle up in my new chair with the cat, a good book & my laptop.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Andi, I just have to know: how did you escape that Cthulu thing crawling down the edge of the dry creek bank?

    Maria, do you have covered parking? If not, you might want to check for hail dents & get that rolled in too. ;-) Enjoy your comfy-chair day!

    One of the beta readers came across with feedback last night — a little light, but helpful elements. One beta to go!

    Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend…

  3. Andi, love the picture, it makes me think of faerie and going to visit the folk under the hills.

    Maria, hope the insurance estimate goes quickly and smoothly.

    Hallooooo to all.

    Gotta run now since it's my anniversary and I need to get back to adoring Dr.McC.

  4. Wow! A thousand fables could be written that were inspired by that photo.

    Now... I'm thinking of it hanging in my house. You guys could start a gallery.

    Off to the coast. Again we have clear, blue skies. Gorgeous weather, not too hot. But don't let anyone know. Kept telling folks it's heinous and rainy in Portland. :)

    My daughter is really into synbolism. Along with geology, mythology... but she wants to be a conservationist. Well.. anyways... she's into symbols and actually adores the DaVinci Code stuff. So we watched it again.

    Watching the DaVinci Code with two kids who are both atheists is kinda on the far side, let me tell ya LOL. My daughter says that she could possibly believe in Jesus IF he was married and loved a woman so greatly. That it would make a huge difference for her because then christianity would have empowered women instead of enslave them. Instead, the church and man killed not only over religion but to possibly supress a historical fact in christianity. Which to her is reason enough to ignore it all even more. (her words) And it got me thinking... about my own agonstic ways and that maybe I should follow my kid's lead.

    going to the beach always makes us "thinkers". I can't sit on the beach and not marvel at the expanse of everything.

  5. Happy Anniversary, KMc!!!

    Here's a Friday Furball For ya.

    Just when you thought it was safe to go into the living room

    Land Otters!

    Dylan is the Black Guy, Moonya is the Striper.

  6. They even lean to the Left. LOL

  7. Happy anniversary, KMc!

    Love the kitties, Janet.

    Am I the only one humming I Won't Be Your Stepping Stone?

  8. Happy anniversary to Kelly & DrMcC!

    Janet, Da Vinci Code follows the Gnostic beliefs. That branch was all but stamped out in the early days; Dan Brown turned them into a cabal of sorts.

    I won't try to defend the dismal record of the church's behavior toward women in modern times, but do want to point out that (even with Paul creating restrictions) the early church was a big step forward for women. Prior to Christianity, women were not even allowed in the sanctuary to hear the sermon — they had to stand outside. Paul's admonition "a woman should be silent and not speak" came because the women were now allowed in and they had a lot of questions about what was going on. Modern haters have twisted that every which way. There's a lot of symbolism as well, and fundies hose things up by trying to interpret it literally. (In fact, my Friday Flash for today deals with symbolism, sort of.)

    Love the kitty pix, they look ready for a big ol' belly rub.

    Dina, I wasn't, but now that you bring it up I'll probably have it stuck in my head shortly! (Were you thinking of the Monkees' "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone"?)

  9. Ooh, Maria, just saw yesterday's publishing news. Ouch. That sucks buckets. ((((Maria))))

  10. Farf - it was the Monkees indeed.

    My misspent youth appearing.

  11. Hi everybody -- been out and about all day and still have some things to do. See ya tomorrow.