Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spirits Rising

Taken , 2011.

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  1. Yes, my spirits are indeed rising!

    * Last day @ the mimes for the week.
    * Cat boarding arrangements made at the last moment, but successfully (my local sitter forgot & scheduled a trip!)
    * Cleaners at my place today, so I will leave a clean apt.
    * All set for tonight's event.
    * Taxi ordered for the a.m.
    And...special lunch day out for the team. Whee!!

    Happy Wednesday, all!

  2. Wow, the VGW lasts a long time today. Guess I need to make tracks...

    Getting my car back today from the doctor after my summer fender bender. But I've been driving a rental Toyota, so it hasn't been too terribly awful to be without it. Will still be nice to have it back, tho.

    Concert on the pier tonight - blues by the ocean. Friends are bringing a picnic, so I better find some yummy snacks. And bug spray! Our skies are overcast today, nothing like andi's gorgeous pic.

    Way too much time on my hands these days - why is it we either have too much or too little, never just enough?

    Have a great day, y'all!

  3. Cross-posted! Have a great trip, Maria!!

  4. Have a wonderful time, Maria.

    Beth, it never does even out, does it? But I like having too much time these days.

    Happy Wednesday all!

  5. Looks like your rising spirits could raise a roof, Maria.

    Concert, pier, ocean, blues, picnic -- sure sounds like a perfect evening, Beth.

    Happy Wednesday to you, Dina.

  6. It WAS a perfect evening, andi. Warm breeze, good music, great friends, lovely wine. Lots of food and laughter. Almost makes me think I could stay here a while...