Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shades of the Common



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  1. Howdy Maria, Dina, and Beth.

    Gotta say, Beth, that I don't envy you that long drive across New York but Jim and I were certainly impressed last year when we drove it and found that we had 3G just about the entire way -- not that you should try to check that out while you're driving. ;)

  2. I love that the top flower is "self-heal"!

    Back is WAY better (thanks to meds) so I'm feeling more on the chipper side of things.

    Beth, safe journeys & watch out for the ridiculous t'storms that keep disrupting the east coast.

    Happy it's hump day!

  3. Love these pictures and agree with Maria about the self-heal.

    Beth, safe driving.

    Maria, good on the back!

    Hi to Andi and all that follow.

  4. Hi guys,

    I'm finally out of the hospital. Was in there for three damn days. There were som slight complications. I'm better now. No more gall bladder which was the size of a stick of butter or a stone which was big as a nickel.

    Got home yesterday but am on some serious painstuff. Will be off work for 2 weeks and no lifting/standing for 6 weeks.

    I should start feeling better some time, right?

  5. Didn't mean to hit send..

    Complication was on the day I was supposed to leave, they gave me some medication at the wrong time. My gabapentin that I take at night. Well it made me sick as a dog which then made me wretch and such so I had to get off that. Operation though went fine. Just the healing took some time.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and for being there.

  6. Janet, so glad to hear that you are home though sorry about the complication!

    I started feeling better almost immediately and actually was able to go back to eating some foods that had made me ill before. May you have the same!

  7. Janet, so glad you are home and feeling better. I hope you are up and about quickly.