Monday, August 29, 2011

Rings Around the World

Taken August 20, 2011.

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  1. Morning, gang!

    The weather is GORGEOUS post-Irene and is expected to remain so for the rest of the week. I'm perfectly good with that.

    Copies of BLOOD SACRIFICE arrived and I'm ready for my author talk on Weds night at my local library. It's probably my only in-person appearance, so I hope it goes well.

    Wishing you all a fabulous week!

  2. Maria, knock em undead! :)

    Had a horrendous night with post surgery type pain. Almost went into the ER. Felt like someone was trying to hook their fingers in and lift me up by bellybutton. Called my surgeon on Fri and he said I could come in today for bloodwork. But I'm not leaving till I have an answer and a plan. The pain was worse than the gallbladder and stones. We'll see what happens today. I might disappear for a bit. I'll make sure Danni or Wayne drop you a note if I can't.


    Oh and I love circles in water. Reminds me of a song, My Life's a Circle" by Harry Chapin (a very wonderful man who we lost way to soon). All together now... (cue chorus)

  3. Maria, glad to hear that the weather is now favoring you, and that the books arrived.

    Life's been passing strange here as I went off to meet the family of my newly discovered aunt—given up for adoption by my grandmother because raising two children alone was all she could handle at the time. Very startling since I'd never heard anything about until I got an email from my aunt, but generally good experience.

  4. Hey all…

    Break a leg, Maria! Wait, that's the stage not speaking engagements. Have a good time, that's safe to say, right?

    Janet, get better pronto, okay? I know how those things go — my knee hurt worse a couple weeks ago than it did before/post surgery two summers ago. Definitely get an answer, something might have gone wonky.

    I hope yesterday was the rough day of the week for me. There was a funeral for one of Mrs. Fetched aunts — that in itself wasn't so bad; she made it to 90 and as a cousin said "we know where she is" — Mason was just a monster. It wasn't completely his fault; he got his nap interrupted so we could get to the funeral home. But we all paid for it. I told Mrs. Fetched, "I felt like all I did was keep him from disrupting things and I wasn't here for your aunt or anyone else. We would have been better off if I'd stayed home with him."

    She said "you were here for me," which did help a little. He did finally settle down for a late afternoon nap, woke up cranky, but got better after he got to go outside and play on the patio and go for a stroller ride. He slept all night for the first time in a while.

    Back to it!

  5. I'm sure you'll do fine, Maria, but wishing you good luck anyway.

    Ugh, Janet, that sounds awful. Feel better soon.

    Kind of amazing to gain a new relative that way, Kelly. I hope you and she enjoy the new-found family.

    Sorry for the bad Sunday and hope too that is was the low point of the week for you.

  6. Nondescript day. Walked the beach, but the seashells have all been snarfed up. Applying for online jobs, watching football, feeding kitties - watching the day go by. Hopefully I'll be more productive tomorrow!

    Good night, all.