Saturday, August 20, 2011

Over Under

Taken July 31, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. 10am and still the VGW? Oh well, I've got my virtual Sharpie right here…

    Mrs. Fetched scheduled a chiro-cracker appt WAY too early for a Saturday. Fortunately, Mason woke up at 7 so we got there. He then zorched out on the way home so I have a little time to hit the blogs.

    Cover is finished! I still get giddy when I look at it. I'm going to put it up tomorrow. Not sure why the voices in my head are insisting on waiting, but maybe I'll find out. :-P

    Hope everyone has a restful and/or fun Saturday.

  2. Anything is too early on a Saturday, Farf!

    Waves to all and happy Saturday.

  3. Hi Farf and Dina and all who follow. I've got a weekend guest so I'm trading being a good host here for being a good host IRL. Ta.

  4. That picture makes me wish I were walking in the woods.

  5. It looks like the light was doing around and through too.

  6. Amazing photo Andi. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! <-- yelling it out loud.