Monday, August 22, 2011

If A Tree Doesn't Fall In a Forest ...

dogs will still find something to stand on.
Taken August 11, 2011.

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  1. Morning, all. My nearest and dearest's birthday today so we're out to lunch with a daughter and her two sprogs.

    And I love the fact that on this day, every year, the following message appears in the In Memoriam section of the Daily Telegraph (newspaper):

    PLANTAGENET Richard Remember forever our good King Richard III who fell at Bosworth Field, 22nd August 1485. Betrayed, maligned, beloved by many.

    (Been a whole-hearted supporter of Richard since I was 13 and read The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, which cleared him of being the archetypal Wicked Uncle.)

  2. Good King Richard. Long may he be remembered.

    Staying home today nursing a sinus migraine. Weather stormy here for the past several days, which, I'm sure, is causing the headache.

    Kelly, thanks for the virtual hugs a couple of days ago. I think I'm in mourning for my series, even though the next (and final) book isn't actually out until next week.

    Ah, well, as many have said, it is time for new opportunities.

    I believe I shall crawl back to bed and see about sleeping a bit more.

    Ciao, all.

  3. Hi, all. Interesting about King Richard as this is also my brother's birthday!

    Beautiful day here. Hope you all have the same.

  4. Janet, I loved your photo fest yesterday!

    Hi Nicky. Daughter of Time was one of the first adult mysteries I read so it has a very fond place in my heart (though I actually like Brat Farrar better).

    Maria, life sure seems to storming all over you lately. I hope clear weather breezes in soon.

    It is gorgeous here too, Dina. Love it.

  5. Hola Andi & Company!

    Good to be home where the Land Otters can breathe a sigh of relief that we are here to cater to their whims.

    Yesterday was hot here 92 and our Central Air crapped out. Typical, eh? Today is much cooler.

    But even with my husband in the bed, I couldn't sleep because we had the window open. I wasn't afraid of Burglars. More so that I was worried about one of the pooties getting out. Not that they'd run away but that they'd get lost.

  6. My daughter shared with me what she thought the caption for this photo should be.

    "Pee'd on that one
    Pee'd on that one
    Pee'd on that one over there
    Yup, pee'd on that one
    Pee'd on this one over here.. or was it that one over there?
    Oh pee'd on that one right next to the one I pee'd on over here."

  7. Howdy from St. Augustine, where we're wondering if Irene is going to show her face later this week. I might get my rain after all...

    Still dog-sitting. Still no work, so starting to think about Plan B. Talk about feast or famine. Spent the day with a Trop Rock friend yesterday - it was hard to say goodbye. My world is entirely too big.

    Hope everyone had a peaceful Monday. I'm off to watch football and walk the dogs, not necessarily in that order.

  8. Evening all!

    Nicky, a salute to Richard from across the pond. Hope your N&D had a happy birthday!

    Maria, there are other options. Just keep that in mind.

    Dina, it's cooling off a little here. Mrs. Fetched thinks that Irene is pulling the hot air out of here… I guess it's possible.

    Janet, that's pretty likely what the dog was thinking!

    Beth, you're on the left side of the center, so it shouldn't be *too* bad. But watch that storm surge.

    Mason's watching Cars. Again. I'm still working on White Pickups edits. Later!

  9. Janet, tell Danni this for me: *snort*

    Beth, maybe we can convince Irene to send a little of rain (but no wind please) our way. Then we'll try to convince the job gods to send some work your way.

    Howdy Farf. Happy watching to Mason, happy editing (I hope) to you.