Friday, August 5, 2011


Taken July 22, 2011.

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  1. I kind of feel like the wee weed...plucked and dragging. Massive insomnia bout last night. Fell asleep at a ridiculously early hour, then woke back up around 11 and haven't been able to catch a good wink since.

    I'm up & showered & eating breakfast now. Doc appt at 11 but that's the extent of my day.

    I'll definitely nap later!

    ::waves to you all::

  2. But, Maria, appearances are deceiving because that's the pristine condition of that weed and it's as happy as can be ... so does that mean you feel better than you think? ;)

    Hope the doc has something helpful for you and that you have happy napping later.

  3. Maria, so sorry to hear you didn't sleep. Insomnia sucks.

    Happy Friday everyone. Off to the gym.

  4. Andi, I suspected as much (re: weed)! I did lay back down and got a couple of hours under my belt. :)

    Perhaps I should swing by the local awesome coffee shop for a quicker pick-me-upper? ::g::

  5. Still super duper sore and long bouts of nasuea.. . but heading down to Newport. We're just going to hang out at the motel the entire time. Moolack Shores. Quanit and quirky as well as right on the beach.

    Not sure if there's wifi there. Or cell phone coverage... but that's fine. Bringing board games and our nooks and a few new cookbooks to browse through.

    Andi does your superstar niece have a cookbook out yet? :)

    Today I'm getting a vegan ice cream book that is to die for. "Lick It" by Cathe Olson (she has a nice blog) and that's not a typo. Check it out for making your own sorbets and no dairy or cruelty ice cream. Trust me... it'sa good stuff.

    Nuther great vegan queen is Isa Chandra Moskovitz who does great cupcakes and cookies. From Post Punk Kitchen fame and now a Portlander.

    Hmmm I don't have my appetite back but still talking about food LOL

    Be safe and sane all you all. :)

  6. Did you get all nice and sweaty, Dina?

    So the weed did inspire you -- in the just the right way, Maria. Excellent!

    No cookbook, Janet. Have a great time on your vacation! I'm sure quaint, quirky hotels and beaches are a great recipe for recovery.

  7. Andi, like a stuck pig - I do not gently perspire, I sweat! But it does me good so I don't mind too much.